Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pool Date!

Like a play date, with a pool. We went up to Amanda's house today, so Jillian could play with Joshua and we could catch up. Jillian and Joshua played with his trains and spent some time chilling in his kiddie pool. Amanda, baby Benjamin, and I hung out and watched. I even took a few pictures for a change! We had a very fun time and look forward to getting together again soon!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beach: Then and Now

My mom and I escaped to the beach for a couple days this week. John can never get away from work in June, so we usually go in August. I figured that I would be in no mood to spend time outside come this August, so June it was. We weren't there long, but it was a nice stay and we got all the important stuff in: Grotto Pizza, Royal Treat sundaes, Gus & Gus hot dogs and fries, more Grotto Pizza, Funland, and of course, the beach.

And just for fun, I thought I'd compare last year's Funland pictures to this year's.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Ducks

So we're here at Rehoboth Beach for a mini-vacation and we had a funny moment this afternoon. Hysterical, really. We had just finished using up our ride tickets at Funland, and I thought it would be nice to find a game that she could do and win a prize. We found the duck game. Perfect. You know, the game with the ducks floating in water and the kid picks a duck and the number on the bottom of the duck corresponds to which type of prize they win? Anyway. We paid our $2 and Jilly picked a duck with a #2 on its tummy. #2 in this case corresponded to a small stuffed moose. They had three colors and Jillian didn't want any of them. What did she want? The duck, or "duckie" in her language. After several tries, I picked a cream colored moose out for her and we went on our way, crying for "duckie". How's that for a plan for a backfired plan? But it was pretty funny!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thrift Store Awesomeness

A while back my friend Emily1 shared some information about an awesome thrift store that she frequented. I checked it out and was instantly enamored with it. It's Unique Thrift & Value Village (actually two separate stores that share an entrance and a space) in Hillandale. They have a 25% off everything sale every Monday for anyone, and if you sign up for their VIP card (which is free), you can get 25% off everything on Thursdays too. Plus, you can get notifications by email about any other special sales. Which happened over Memorial Day weekend. Needless to say, I couldn't take advantage of the 50% off everything sale that they held on Memorial Day due to my bed rest. And I was disappointed. Then I got another email saying they were having ANOTHER 50% off sale today!! How excited was I?!? Pretty darn excited.

Jillian does not do well there, because she hates riding in carts and wants to walk around herself. Well, this place is way too big and too crowded to let her walk around, so we end up not having the best time together. But today, she did pretty good, I must admit. A little bribery helps too. And a game plan. I went looking specifically for a few items: shoes for Jillian, jeans for John, beach towels for a project I want to make, knitting supplies for my growing collection, Cookie Monster anything Jillian.

I also knew I only wanted to spend what cash I had on me. So in we walked with our $16 (luckily I had a little coinage, too).

We scored:
1 pair of Levi jeans for John (I would swear that they're brand new) $6.99
1 pair of size 6 pink OshKosh shoes for Jillian for now $6.99
1 pair of size 7W purple and white Stride Rite shoes for Jillian for the fall $2.99
1 set of size 3T long sleeve Carters pajamas (again, I would swear that these have never been washed or worn) $2.99
1 bag of 4 skeins of Patons wool $5.99
1 random monkey stuffed animal (sometimes it's not worth the fight that saying "no" will cause...) $1.91
1 Cookie Monster small stuffed animal (about 8" high) $1.61
1 VHS tape "Land Before Time" (we *heart* dinosaurs) $.99

For an after 50% off, after tax total of $16.13!! Freakin' awesome. I couldn't get a picture of everything together because Jillian wouldn't let me bring Cookie Monster upstairs and wouldn't take those new pink shoes they were photographed separately!

The Skinny

First I'd like to thank everyone who helped out last week while I was on bed rest. Friends and family brought us food, came over and entertained Jillian/kept me company, helped clean up around the house, kept Jillian, etc. I cannot begin to say how grateful for the help and support we truly are!

So here's the skinny on what's been going on. And where we are. I'm going to first say that if words like cervix and placenta skeeve you out, you should probably stop reading this post now. Consider yourself warned.

Around 16 weeks, I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa, where the placenta covers the cervix. I was given no real instruction or restrictions at this point. At 20 weeks, I had my first bleeding episode. Understandably, I freaked out. I called the doctor, and into the hospital we went. The bleeding stopped and I was put on what I'm calling "light duty"; defined by the docs as "no exercise, nothing in the pelvis". I spotted on and off for about a week and then it stopped.

I've had cervical surveillance sonograms every other week during this pregnancy (as well as my pregnancy with Jillian) because of a surgical procedure that I had five years ago. During the sonograms, I've been anxiously awaiting new that my placenta has moved (well, it doesn't really move, but it moves with the uterus at the uterus grows, and often the previa clears up). Besides the restrictions and potential for additional complications, I've had my heart set on a VBAC since before we even got pregnant. I probably blogged at some point about Jillian's less than ideal birth story, but suffice to say, we came SO close to a vaginal delivery (aka crowning) and then she crashed, I was rendered unconscious with general anesthesia, and then had a c-section. Anyhow. If this placenta stays covering my cervix, a vaginal delivery is out of the question.

Things seemed to go back to "normal" after that first incident. And things felt normal. At no point during any of this have I not felt good physically, which makes it quite hard to remember sometimes that I need to be taking it easy. Any of you who know me well, know that I'm not a "take it easy" kind of person. Seriously, I was scolded at the hospital for walking to the NICU to see Jillian the day after my c-section. I was up and down our townhouse steps doing laundry the fist week home after Jillian's birth.

The weekend before Memorial Day, I started bleeding again. Nothing heavy, and less alarming since I had had an "episode" before. It stopped immediately, and I waited until Monday to call the doctor. I was advised that if it had stopped, to lay low and take it easy. And to CALL if it happened again. No matter what. So call I did, that same week on Wednesday. I had some minimal bleeding, but with what appeared to be fresh looking clots. Into the hospital we went that night around 9pm, toddler in tow.

I was sent home that night around midnight, all bleeding stopped and vitals fine. On bed rest. The next day, I was laying on the couch, being as bed rest-y as I could for a stay at home mom of a two year old. I got up around midday to grab Jillian some lunch, i.e. to put some grapes and cheese on a plate, and felt a gush of something. That has to have been the scariest feeling ever.

I gave Jillian her lunch, and proceeded immediately to the bathroom to find a panty liner soaked with fresh blood. I called the doctor and into the hospital I went again, toddler in tow. At this point, 26 weeks pregnant, and very frustrated and scared, I was starting to melt down. I'm standing at the desk for Labor & Delivery with the lady working there on the phone. And a tired two-year old running up and down the hallway refusing to listen to me. The nicest nurse ever came over to us and started talking to Jillian. She hugged me, got us situated in a room, and took Jillian with her to get cookies and juice. I think I would have lost it right there if it wasn't for her. Turns out she has five kids of her own - clearly she recognized a fellow mom in distress.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came and picked up Jillian, who was going down to stay at her Bubbie's house for the long weekend anyway. During the ultrasound that evening, they had a tough time really seeing what the situation was with my placenta, but it appeared that part of it may have broken off and that the majority of it was not only intact, but had begun moving away from my cervix. Quite good news actually. They kept me in the hospital for two nights, mostly as a precaution since I had presented with bleeding two times in 24 hours.

I was released on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend on bed rest "with bathroom privileges". Again, I can't say how appreciative I've been of the help I've gotten around the house and from friends and family.

This week on Monday, I returned to the hospital for a follow up visit with Maternal Fetal Medicine. The good news is that I've not had ANY bleeding since I was in the hospital. The bad news is that from the latest ultrasound, it appears that I still have a complete previa and my placenta hasn't moved one little bit. Which concerns for a couple reasons:
1. if that placenta hasn't moved by 28 weeks (tomorrow), it likely isn't going to move
2. as the baby grows and gets heavier, she'll be putting more pressure downward on my cervix, and therefore on my placenta.
Seems to me like chances of repeat incidents would go up as the baby gets bigger.

I have been taken off bed rest and returned to "light duty". I am going to try and take it easier than I had been. I was given two shots of betamethasone (a steroid) at the hospital to help the baby's lungs develop in the event that I don't carry to term.

So that's the skinny. I'm feeling fine and everything else is great. My vitals have been great all along, the baby's growth is right on, I appear to have lost no amniotic fluid, and I've only gained one pound so far. It's just this placenta/bleeding issue that we're dealing with...UGH.

Off Bed Rest!

The docs took me off bed rest Monday! I still have some restrictions, but at least I can be out and about. I just need to take it easy. And yesterday was a beautiful day!! Us mommies got together at Brenna's house - thanks again for having us over and for the awesome muffins! Em1 took some pictures of the little ones - thank you for sharing them!

Jillian just LOVES the toy mower. She gets very upset if someone else wants to play with it. We're working on that whole "sharing" thing.

Jillian also loves any kind of swing. She's even ok with sharing it with her friends! Here she is with her green shirt twin (and toy-sharing host) Amedeo!

It looks like the gorgeous weather is gone today, but hopefully we'll have more sunny and cool days like yesterday soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Craft Wrap-Up

I finally finished that pretty green scarf I was working on! Well, I think it's pretty... Here's a picture of the fringe that I added to complete it.

Then I finished the taupe colored ribbed scarf I was working on. This one felt like it would NEVER END. And despite the fact that I even unraveled my first try at it, I still messed up a few times. Oh's not terrible, though I probably will NOT use that pattern again. It's a free download on if you're interested, but you'll need to sign up for a free account to access it I think.

Odds & Ends

Since I'm on bed rest, I figured I'd blog. Good thing I had been lazy before this and actually have some things to share, because no doubt it's gonna be pretty boring around this blog before long. Because really, I'm on bed rest, and there's just not much bloggable (is that a word?) going on.

Jillian had some fun last week here at the house. She has really been enjoying the favors from Sadie's birthday party - especially the stamps!!

She likes the ink pads better than the actual stamps though, and can get a little out of control with them if we don't keep a close watch!

With the new Toy Story movie coming out this summer, I popped in TS1 & TS2 for Jillian to watch. She never showed much interest before, but now that she's discovered that "No-No" (aka Mr. Potato Head) is in a movie, she's all into it. And she loves playing with her Mr./Mrs. Potato Heads! Just a side note: she calls potatoes "no-no's", so that's where our Mr. Potato Head word came from. Not to be confused with "No No" as in Noah of Noah's Ark. Or Mrs. Noah for that matter. Got all that straight? Phew.

And lastly, we attempted painting with homemade watercolor paints. I got a recipe from this site but apparently Martha Stewart did a segment on this recently and there are plenty of recipes out there. They turned out alright, and went on the paper well, but they definitely dried much lighter in color than they went on the paper. Not sure if I'd try the recipe again, but hey, anything paint-related and different than the norm for us, I'm willing to try at least once!

So that's what we were into last week before all this trouble started....