Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tot School

We've been laying pretty low all around lately. I've been feeling somewhat unmotivated and our Tot School (and other) posts totally reflect that.

But we have been doing SOME things. We finished up with the letter "S" over the past two weeks. I had grand ideas of having tons of fun with straw painting. Apparently my toddler was quite angered at the idea of having to blow through a straw to paint, though. Go figure.

Since we were set up for painting, I grabbed a length of string to let her try string painting instead. Not her favorite, but at least it didn't make her cry!

Mommy did some learning at her big 20 week sonogram - we are officially expecting another girl!

Very recently, my brother-in-law and his family moved back to the area after living out of state. This has been tons of fun for Jillian; she has two girl cousins that are three and four years old. We've spent some time hanging out with them and letting the girls get re-acquainted. Trying to get a picture of them together playing is next to impossible!

We've been working on our backyard, getting it ready for some serious summertime playing, and have been making progress. We got Jillian a "car" that she loves! I won a Little Tikes basketball hoop from a blog giveaway and my mom picked up a sand and water table that I can't wait to get set up! I'm sure pics featuring our outdoor play will be featured soon!

With me having to take it easy with this placenta previa issue, I've done some learning too. I re-learned knitting (thanks to all my "teachers"!). I made a mini-scarf for practice and have started my first "real" project!

What there hasn't been around here is a lack of painting. Jillian continues to LOVE LOVE LOVE painting! She periodically gets up from nap time in the afternoon asking to paint and take a bubble bath. Because she is that messy - a bath almost always follows her painting session!

We attended a Tales & Tunes for Tots class at the library last week - it's a series of four classes over four weeks, 30 minutes long, for ages 12 months to 3 years. Perfect for Jilly! Though she acted totally uninterested during the class, she did take something away. Later in the night, she started going through the moves for the chicken dance! I'm going to try and work on that for a video ;-) The class was loosely themed around animals, so that's the theme we're aiming for over the next few weeks around here.

Sticking to animals, we went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival over the weekend. Jillian got to pet sheep, see alpacas and llamas, visit with goats, and ooh and aah over the bunnies.

I'm going to try and fit some more official Tot School stuff into our week this week. Head over to 1+1+1=1 to see what moms with more motivation than me are doing with their tots!


Lindsey said...

She is breaking my heart with the crying in that first pic! Okay...I'm laughing a little too. And you aren't kidding about her being a mess from painting. I'm having a mini-anxiety attack just thinking about it. You'll have to share your tips about managing the mess. And if you need anything at all while you're "taking it easy" please ask!

Giggly Girls said...

Crying pics are always my favorite! Such fun to look at afterward. Glad I'm not the only one who likes to snap those. LOL

She is just adorable!

Brenna said...

you were so brave to take her to the s&w fest...i didn't want to chase amedeo around the whole day (or spend $$ on yarn), so we stayed home. maybe next year!? great job on your knitting projects!

Party of Nine said...

Keep taking it easy, PP is nothing to mess around with! My sister had it..twice! Love the picture of Jillian and the sheep looking at each other. I wonder what the 2 of them are thinking???

sbswtp said...

That first picture is fantastic!!! :) Congratulations on another girl :) How fun!