Saturday, April 24, 2010


Since being placed on "light duty" last week, I've been doing some thinking and planning about our outdoor area here at home. Normally, we'd be spending a couple days each week at various parks doing some walking and exploring. Now, not so much.

Our backyard has really been for the most part unused over the last year or so. John has been throwing down grass seed the last couple summers, and the grass is starting to look a little better. He's also been working on getting the non-backyard stuff out of the backyard. I'm hunting for awesome stuff for Jillian to play with outside. She loves being outside, but I can't quite tell her to play in the grass in a small enclosed area and expect that to work out for us. We need some kind of outside toys.

That's what I was in search of at the Tot Swap this week. I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but Jillian did find a car. At $18, I thought it was a bit overpriced, but as soon as she bee-lined for it and wouldn't get out, I knew we were leaving with it. It's a Cozy Coupe-type car that has clearly seen better days, but it's just for outside, and it works fine. She loves it! Thanks, Melissa, for hooking us up with a ticket to the "private sale"!! (completely unrelated to the outdoor project, we scored a pair of cute Stride Rite shoes that you can see Jillian wearing in this picture - she just LOVES shoes...)

Then I awoke this morning to an email from Tired Mom T├ęsa telling me that I won her latest blog contest! And how awesome is this? I won a brand new Little Tikes TotSports Basketball Set. I am totally excited. Anyway, check out her blog if you get a chance. She has two little ones a bit older than Jillian and does some fantastic reviews and clearly, some great giveaways! And, well, she's just cool.

My mom went to her community yard sale today and found us a Fisher Price sand/water table with cover and two chairs for a whopping $8!!! I SO can't wait to get it all together in our "new" backyard!!

Jillian's little pool from last summer seems to be in good shape still, too. I totally envision afternoons catching some rays in the backyard while Jilly plays!!! I might even be able to relax with a book, or my knitting!

Which reminds me...thank you to Denise and Brenna for hooking me up with a knitting refresher yesterday. I started a daunting project years (and I mean YEARS) ago and gave up on it. So yesterday we got together and Denise's and Brenna quickly finished off my botched project so I could start an EASY project. It truly doesn't get easier than a pattern called "easy scarf" right? Here's the work in progress. I don't think I have enough of this yarn to make a full length scarf, but it's good practice for me. And I've already found some patterns I want to try next!

I was joking with John (well, maybe not joking) that everyone we know this year for Christmas will either get a scarf or a toddler craft as their gift! ;-)


Jen S. said...

Yea for winning! That's awesome! And a super yea for being crafty!!

Brenna said...

looks like your backyard oasis plans are coming together well! I'm so glad you are joining the ranks of being hopelessly addicted to knitting. Good job with your new project!

JanMary said...

Little tikes outdoor toys are THE best - and even when my older kids were far too big for the car they would still try to squeeze inside!

Enjoy your garden this summer :) (can't get used to calling it a backyard!)

emk said...

Looks like things are hopping over there even amidst the "light duty"! Good for you!

Party of Nine said...

We love our cozy coupe!!! I hope you are feeling well. I know it helps to be planning and organizing :) More than halfway there!!!