Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I Learned This Week

Last week my husband/our company was invited to attend CrowdPitch here in Baltimore. We were invited to come as part of the audience and participate in this really neat process. CrowdPitch invites a number of local start-up businesses to each present a four minute pitch to a panel of judges and an audience. The audience is encouraged to provide written feedback and the judges provide instant verbal feedback, after a three minute period of questions. Each member of the audience is given "fun money" to invest in the company or companies of their choice, and awards (provided by sponsors such as Amazon web, seo.com, and others) are given based on the audience's investments.

What a great event! Food was provided by a catering group that offered selections by many local restaurants and catering companies. The spread was quite impressive. The presentations were all good - I can't imagine having to pitch our company in only four minutes. It went very fast.

I was most impressed with the presentation by The Seasoned Palate. They make Smart Spice, individually packaged, teaspoon sized, organic spices. Seriously. Why on earth has no one thought of this? The packaging is similar to that of Starbucks' individual, instant coffee line, Via. I LOVE this. I always end up buying a big bottle of a spice for a recipe, then am "stuck" with it two years later. And it's not fresh anymore. And geesh! Spices are expensive to buy! I love this idea. I even got to pick up a few free samples!!

So that's what I learned about this week. Besides getting some great tips on pitching our company from watching other presentations, I learned about these awesome, pre-measured spices. You can bet I'll be hunting them down next time I need an "exotic" spice for a recipe that I likely won't be using all the time!

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LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

I love the spice idea. I have bought some spices for one recipe and then never used them again before they lost their spunk. How cool. I am going to check it out.

JanMary said...

Definitely a winning idea - and we are all thinking why no-one ever thought of this before!

Terra said...

wow, that sounds like a neat event and I agree those spices are brilliant

Jennifer said...

What an awesome idea! I wonder if they will be available in grocery stores? I would love to pick some up.

Anonymous said...

Smart Spice is available @ selected Graul's Supermarkets, Whole Foods Stores and Harris Teeter Supermarkets or online @ Alice.com (Free Membership, Free Shipping) or Amazon.