Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tot School

This week learned about the letter "Q". Well, that was my intention, anyway.

Some weeks just feel more productive than others.

Jillian picked a favorite book this week that we've read several times, "Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt" by Barbara Smucker. This book is about a Menonite family living in Pennsylvania who leave their family farm and move to Canada during the Civil War. I was quite surprised that she liked this one, but she does! We did our stArt (story + art) project around it. I had lofty expectations of letting Jillian pick some fabric out of my fabric box and having her "help" me make a quilt, but somehow that never happened. What I did do, was print out some bear paw quilt blocks for her to color.

We spent a little time playing with water and learning about things that float or sink.

We tried: a binky, a spoon, a measuring spoon, a seashell, a rock, a small metal rod, a sponge, a cork, a synthetic cork, a key, a keyring, a small binder clip, and a piece of foam.

Our results (along with my awesome illustrations...LOL):

This was definitely a fun activity - playing in water always is!

We did some Easter arts and crafts too. I cut out egg shapes from some foam sheets and spread glue over them. I gave Jillian some sequins to decorate the eggs (I found a big bag of these at Target for $2!).
It got a little dicey toward the end, since the glue got on her fingers and then the sequins wouldn't come off and stick to the eggs.
The blurry picture of the finished product. When the glue dried, it became transparent, so they turned out pretty nice. I think we'll do this one again next year for Easter.

We also played with our name letters that I made for matching a few weeks ago. I used a different color foam for each letter of her name, so she can match by colors as well as letter shapes. (If you didn't notice, I used these foam sheets in three projects this week - I had NO idea just how versatile they'd be when I picked them up last year for a Thanksgiving craft.) She really likes these letters, but will rarely actually match up them up as pairs....

Finally, we dyed Easter eggs!! We totally skipped this last year, but I figured this year she was old enough to have some fun with it. Well, I learned that we probably should have waited another year.

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Brenna said...

Those are some great projects, Mel! Glad you all had such a productive day!

Our Country Road said...

Thanks for your list of sink or float item. I plan to do the experiment in the future and am always curious what others use. I am not brave enough to try dying eggs here, yet. Looks like you all had fun, though! Great week.

Ali said...

Thanks for stopping by! I know, those foam sheets are fabulous! I love the projects you did, we are definitely going to do the sink or float and will have to remember to do the sequin eggs next (I don't have any sequins on hand right now!)

Susan said...

I think her eggs are great! Looks like such a fun week.

Rebecca said...

Those foam letter sheets are great! Can i ask how you made the letters onto them? Because they are so perfect!