Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tot School

We learned all about the letter "P" this week! I've been feeling better, but still not as energetic as I'm used to, so we didn't do quite as many activities as I had planned out in my head.

We began the week with some painting. Of course, we do some painting every week, but we did some specifically "P" painting this week. I cut the letter "P" out of a sponge for some sponge painting, and I made some puzzle piece "stampers" for Jillian. More on our fun "P" painting here!

We read the book "Porcupining" by Lisa Wheeler this week for our stArt project and made porcupines from pine needles (and toothpicks) and Play-Doh.

Completely unrelated to the letter "P", the weather was quite spring-like this week and we spent some time running around outside. We went walking on the airport trail and picked up some pine cones for a project later in the week. We did some tricycle riding and general running around and enjoying the weather.

We did get to check out a thrift store I've been meaning to visit (thanks Em1!!) and scored some great deals! My favorite was the 24-piece set of Oliblocks we picked up for less than $7! Jillian really has had a fun time playing with them.

We painted pine cones (that we collected earlier in the week) yesterday since it was so rainy and nasty outside.

And my favorite activity this week was "Twister"! I've wanted for a while to get out my old Twister game and try having Jillian toss bean bags onto specific colored circles, or jump to the colors. That was NOT a hit with my little one. However, the Twister mat itself was. Her eyes lit up like nothing I've seen before when I pulled it out. She spent probably a good hour running around on it, bouncing and kicking her balls on it, and generally using it as a fun play mat. I totally want to keep trying to use it for color recognition or matching, but for now it's just really fun for her!

On our "P" reading list:

"Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson

"Mouse Paint" by Ellen Stoll Walsh

"My Pony" by Susan Jeffers (Jilly loved the pony book!)

"Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story" by Lisa Wheeler (This was really cute!)

"Story Time for Little Porcupine" by Joseph Slate (This was a little long for my girl's attention span.)

"The Purple Coat" by Amy Hest (Jillian enjoyed this book, but I did a lot of paraphrasing. I think she would have lost interest fast otherwise.)

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sbswtp said...

Great puzzle stampers!

JanMary said...

Love the puzzle stamper, and those Oliblocks look great.

Doing anything to celebrate St Patrick's Day? (Hint, hint!!!)

Laura said...

I love the idea of coloring pine cones. Smiley has been picking them up on our walks a lot lately. What a great idea to use them during craft time!

jd6405 said...

Love the puzzle stampers! What a GREAT idea!!! And the 2nd twister picture is so precious!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I am new here and LOVE it! Those puzzle stampers are amazing! Great job!

Lindsay said...

What a fun week! I love the porcupines out of playdough!

kewkew said...

Wow, when we did the letter P I found so many things to do we stayed on P for a few weeks. And now thanks to your blog I have even more ideas for when I do P again with my younger ones. Love the puzzle stampers! I love the porcupines out of playdough. We made porcupine snacks out of pear halves and pretzel sticks. Never heard of Oliblocks, they look so cool.
I understand what you mean by not feeling quite so energetic. Except I am at the opposite end of my pregnancy. Expecting baby in a few weeks and so uncomfortable. Looks like you got more done than I did though. Just found your blog through the tot school link by the way.
Congrats on your pregnancy.

Lil' Ms. P said...

I, too, am a fan of the porcupines! Simple, yet engaging.

Susan said...

I loved Twister when I was younger and never thought about taking it out for my little one to have fun with.
The porcupines are such a cute craft. I clipped it to Evernote!

Dawn said...

Those Oliblocks look really fun. We might have to look into those!

Twister idea is great, but I'm imagining Alex would do the same thing as Jillian - just jumping & having fun, but not really caring about color recognition.