Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is Springing!

I'd like to preface this post by saying that it is still March, and spring may not officially be here yet. Because if I don't caveat this, it's a pretty sure thing that we'll get hit by another blizzard just before Easter.

The weather has been gorgeous!! This afternoon, we spent a little time outside after nap time. Jillian has been going through this "nightie" phase. A couple weeks ago I picked up this cute nightgown for her for this spring, since soon enough, her fleece, footie pajamas will be too warm to wear at night.

This spawned her nightie obsession. Since then, my mom has picked up two more new ones for her, and I've tracked down a few at a thrift store. She truly wants to wear nothing but her nighties. That's really a long way to explain her outfit this afternoon. I convinced her that the pajama skirt that matched her Christmas pj's is a "nightie". Nighties are not play-outdoors or My Gym appropriate attire, IMHO.

She has really been into kicking her ball lately.

She also has a fascination with running downhill.

And the crocus have made an appearance!! Yay spring!

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Emily said...

so jealous of your crocuses!! how many years have you had them? mine are brand-new and thus a bit scraggly... when can I look forward to fabulousness too?