Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tot School

We moved on to the letter "N" this week. I've been feeling less than spectacular, so I feel like we're not getting as much tot schooling done around here. Nevertheless, we did some fun things.

I loved this idea for noodle painting. We didn't have much luck with it - I must not have cooked my noodles enough, because they were still a little stiff and stuck to the paper mostly, rather than sliding along the paper smoothly. I guess al dente is best for eating, not painting!

Since we had the painting set up, I did a quick look around the kitchen for something besides brushes or fingers that Jillian could use to paint with, and stumbled on our corks. This was fun for her - she liked making dots and drawing lines in the paint with the edges of the corks. It was also fun for her to stack the corks - they pretty much stuck together because of the paint.

I couldn't give up on the noodles totally, so later in the week we painted uncooked noodles to make a necklace. I set up Styrofoam plates with toothpicks for Jillian to place the wet, painted noodles on while they dried. I figured this would be a great fine motor skill activity AND the noodles would dry without sticking on something! NOTE: noodles with flat tops/bottoms would have worked better for her little fingers to hold on to, but we made do with the slanted noodles we had on hand.

After the painted noodles dried, I tried setting up a number activity for Jillian using Uno cards! I set up one set with numbers 1-4 and the corresponding number of noodles, and then a second set with no noodles. This was not at all something Jillian even wanted to try. So I set them up side by side, thinking it would be a better visual for her. No luck. She really just wanted to play with her noodles.

After the noodle/number activity fail, we moved on to stringing our noodle necklace. This was a bigger hit. I tied a noodle to one end of the string so the noodles wouldn't fall off as she strung them. And I did wrap some tape around the stringing end of the string, to make it sort of like a shoelace. She did pretty well with this and strung about half of it herself.

We also had a name activity that I wanted to do this week. We did it one time, but I think I'll pull it out again over the next few weeks.

For our stArt project, we read the book, "The Perfect Nest" by Catherine Friend. That went ok. The nest was harder to make than I anticipated, so I ended up making it. And it still didn't turn out great. Jillian had the most fun playing with the eggs I got out to fill the nest! You can read more details about that project here.

The other "N" books we read this week were:

"Nothing" by Jon Agee

The Best Nest by P.D. Eastman

The Day My Nose Ran Away by Jason Eaton (this was the favorite book of the week; we've read it over and over; beware: it's LONG for a two year old! I've been telling it with my own words since the first reading.)

The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson (I liked this book, but I don't think Jillian "got it")

Naming by Margaret Greaves (I couldn't find an image of this one)

That about wraps up our week. Next week, on to the letter "O"! Check out what more tot schooling families are doing over at 1+1+1=1.


Lil' Ms. P said...

I love how all your activities connected to the noodle painting! It looked like she had a lot of fun with the paint!

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

the noodle painting, matching & necklace - what a great idea! Looks like fun!

Our Little Family said...

What an AWESOME week with noodles!! I'm totally inspired to do some noodle activities. Thank you!!

Lindsay said...

oo the painted noodle necklace is so cute!!

Theresa said...

I LOVE the noodle painting idea! Wish my son would do this.. he doesn't like to get messy though.. hope it's just a phase!!! :)

Susan said...

I really like how you tied the rest of the activities to the noodles that she painted earlier in the week. Thanks!

Our Country Road said...

I thought using your Uno cards was a great idea! Sorry that Jillian wasnt on board, maybe she will like it better down the line. Fun week!

Dawn said...

I think that's a pretty awesome week for 11 weeks pregnant - I did NOTHING except survive the days at that point. (Congratulations, but the way!)

The noodle activities are fun! I love your noodle drying rack - pretty creative! :)

Giggly Girls said...

Lots of noodle fun! And I love your use of the UNO cards. Very clever.

jd6405 said...

Love all the pasta activities! I must try pasta painting with Sunshine!! Such fun!