Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tot School (abbreviated week)

I wish I could say that we had an awesome Tot School week, but really, we didn't. I came down with a nasty sinus thing starting Saturday night, and in addition to the nausea I'm still dealing with, I felt somewhat less than productive, to put it mildly. I even took Jillian up to my mom's house for an afternoon/overnight visit so that I could have a little break to just rest.

We did get together with our moms group to celebrate our toddlers' birthdays since they're all so close in age. And Jillian scored the best. socks. ever. I know, they're tough to really see on the patterned carpet, but I adore them so much I had to brag about them. Thanks again Emily & Jack!

She did get in some art this week. At the party she enjoyed our host's chalkboard/easel so much that I've decided to splurge the $15 at Ikea and get one for her. Daddy has been working with her on drawing "lines", "long lines", "circles", and, "bumps". She's been doing a great job!

We also did a little painting activity later in the week. A friend emailed me a link for texture painting knowing how much Jillian likes to paint. Thanks for passing it along Jen! We gave it a whirl and Jillian wasn't as into it as I had hoped, but we'll try another time.

This of course evolved into a more involved painting activity. We did some regular brush painting.

Then we painted some rocks. Jillian LOVES rocks.

And just to keep the fun going, I let her try painting with Q-tips, which was fun for her, since she loves making "dots".

I've really enjoyed doing stArt projects with Jillian, but this week she's into something new. It's called, "I want to pick what we read, and all I want to read are my Sesame Street alphabet books and the Bible." Which means not only is she not interested in the books we check out of the library, she adamantly refuses to let me read them to her. Nice. And not at all conducive to doing story+art projects. I'll have to get my more creative hat on this week. Although, I really can't complain about her wanting to read her Bible, can I?

Since we were originally going to focus on the letter "O" this week, I found some great books from the library about opposites. Clearly, we didn't read them. But we did spend some time learning about long vs. short. I didn't get any pictures, but I just used two vastly different lengths of string to illustrate long and short and she enjoyed this exercise. I'm hoping to do more opposites activities this week. And some more reading of the books we got from the library.

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Jen S. said...

Now I need to try my own suggestion!

Giggly Girls said...

The texture painting looks like lots of fun. I love that brush.

Theresa said...

LOVE the socks! Do they have them in adult sizes?? :)
I love the paintings, looks like she had so much fun!

Dawn said...

That easel is only fifteen bucks at Ikea?! Wowzers! How I wish the nearest Ikea was closer than 1.5 hours away...

Looks like you still managed to have some fun in spite of being under the weather. Hopefully the sinus stuff passes soon, and the first trimester nausea is soon a thing of the past.

Lindsay said...

What a wonderful week! paintings look like so much fun!

Carrie said...

Your daughter is COMPLETELY adorable! And her writing is great! I haven't been pushing writing with Z, not sure why, I think I may try a little more frequently! :) I love the rock-painting idea! :)