Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tot School

We didn't have a full "themed" Tot School week this week, but we did a few activities to start getting back on track.

Jillian loves playing with her flashcards and we spent some time playing with those.

Since it snowed a little last week (but not really enough to play in), I printed out some snowflake templates for Jillian to color with her new Crayola Paint Brush Pens that we picked up at Kohl's with some of her Christmas money (all of their Crayola and Play-Doh products were on sale for 30% off). I will say that they were definitely more magic marker and less like paint than I thought, but she had fun with them!

Then Jillian tried her hand at her new shape sorter (we picked this up at Kohl's too for 50% off!). I've been hunting for a cube-shaped sorter for ages it seems like! She does really well with it and has an easy time opening it to get the shapes out again.

And our last activity was playing with the pom-pom balls, which Jillian could probably do for hours! I always try to get out a variety of utensils/spoons for her to scoop them up with and varying sized containers too.

Next week we're planning on being back on track with Tot School - can't wait!!! You can check out other Tot School activities over at 1+1+1=1.


Jen Sellers said...

So, you've inspired me to do Tot School with Molly. Where do you get your letter templates/ideas from?

melaniet42 said...

Templates for awesome printables and some crafts can be found at

The blog that inspired me to do Tot School has a new website up with “Tot Packs” (free) at - she's got tons of resources.

My "curriculum" I'm kind of making up as I go. I usually come up with my theme/s a week or so in advance and then find some activities that fit it, and some other things that look fun. The folks that link up on the 1+1+1=1 blog link up with their children's ages, so you can get some age-appropriate ideas there too!!

Can't wait to see how it goes!!!

melaniet42 said...

Sorry Jen, I got a link wrong; it's for the Tot Books, Tot Packs, etc.

Our Little Family said...

Okay first of all, I must comment how adorable your daughter is! My name is Jillian (but I mostly go by Jill) and get so tickled to see other Jillians! :)

And, what a great week! The pompoms are a BIG hit over here with Maddie, too. They never get boring!

Lindsay said...

oo looks like a great week! Don't you just love the things that they get into like the pom poms!

Susan said...

We have the same shape sorter. It is a big hit as well. I love checking out the sales at Kohls.