Saturday, January 23, 2010

Self-Imposed Time Outs

The other evening I was cooking dinner and Jillian, as usual, was whining and wanting to play in the kitchen. For those of you who don't know, our kitchen is only semi-childproofed due to the fact that we only have like four cabinets and no low drawers. So we keep a baby gate up at the entrance to our kitchen. Occasionally, it's easier to let Jillian come in while I'm cooking dinner before Daddy gets home and let her play, but only while I'm in there with her.

But sometimes, she just doesn't listen. Imagine that - a two year old that doesn't listen. So I have to oust her from the kitchen and close the gate again.

The other evenings was one of these times. After being ousted, she stood at the gate whining and wailing about it. I asked her if she needed to go upstairs to her room to cry. She promptly took her crying self up to her room and settled herself down. And I was like, seriously?

Since then we've had several such incidents, where if she starts acting up, I'll ask her if she needs to go up to her room to cry. And she does. And then comes back down all settled and tells us that she cried.

I can't believe she does it, but I love that she does! It helps her get away and settle herself down without us having to listen to her drama. Score!!


Brenna said...

I'm going to try that next...though I wonder if Amedeo would get into mischief if he was up there by himself.

Way to go, Jillian!

Lindsey said...

That's awesome! I'm gonna have to try it too. Cady is also a big fan of telling us all about it after she cries.

emk said...

I recently checked out a book from the library after reading about it on someone's blog. It was one of the books on "Love and Logic for Toddlers" by Jim and Charles Fay. Anyway-- what you did is pretty much perfectly in line with what they suggest! So go you: you're being loving and logical! :-)

PS to all-- I really thought the book had some great suggestions about dealing with toddlers in a calm way which I think is really the way to go!