Saturday, January 9, 2010


My child nests. Seriously. She builds a "nest" to sleep in.

We've had some sleep woes lately, so I've tried setting up her Peapod in her room for her to sleep in to see if that will help her stay asleep. And 2/3 nights she's slept through the night and last night she only woke up one time. The results are looking good. I'm going to give it another week and if she continues to sleep better in the ole Peapod, we'll use her birthday money to buy the "deluxe" model, which is a bit bigger. Which is good, because tonight in her Peapod, she has accompanying her:

*three binkies

*six baby dolls

*one giraffe pillow

*one sippy cup of water

*two Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals

*one Eeyore stuffed animal

*one Beanie Baby bear

*one large, pink, stuffed bear

*one Washington Nationals fleece blanket

And a partridge in a pair tree...


Lindsey said...

You gotta get a picture of that - sounds quite cozy and cute!

Marc said...

I was cracking up reading about all the stuff that she has with her when she sleeps! I was expecting "kitchen sink" at the bottom.

Emily said...

My kid is also a bedtime-hoarder! It's good to not be alone!!

Melissa said...

umm, yeah, I totally get this! Sadie sleeps in a bed but tonight she has a pillow, a disney pillow, a butterfly pillow, her dolls - Bella, Jenny and Baby Boy, Pink Bear, Pink Bunny, Blue, Pooj, my alaskan husky, at least 10 beanie babies, oink, woof and a whole bunch of little people (they hurt to lay on!) It is crazy.