Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Birthday Party

Before the shindig today, Daddy brought Jillian home a birthday present last night. Her first Craftsman toolbox with tools!!

Here is the birthday setup in the kitchen. And the awesome cupcakes that I made!!

Many presents were opened. This little girl made out!!

Then, singing of Happy Birthday commenced (Jillian wasn't too into this) followed by cupcake eating (which also wasn't very exciting for Jilly today).

Later on, Jillian tried on and played in her musical skirt - it plays Swan Lake and is motion activated. Fun fun!! Here she is dancing around with her musical skirt on holding her teapot and a teacup from the tea set that she received today.

And finally, drinking a cup of "tea"!! (notice how cool we are watching the History Channel)

All in all a wonderful birthday for Jillian. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make Jillian's day so special!!!


Tara said...

I'm planning Andrew's and am so far behind. Good thing we only have family coming! Happy Birthday, Jillian!

Jen Sellers said...

The cupcakes turn out SOOO cute! I may have to steal that idea and make them just because. :)

Lindsey said...

I love the head-thrown back chugging from the tea cup! Is that a learned trait? ;) The cupcakes are adorable - I am very impressed! Happy Birthday Jillian!

Emily said...

She's such a cultured lady, tea and the History Channel! I LOVE the cupcakes, they are so cute!!

Casy Schweickart said...

Those cupcakes are wicked cool! Happy Birthday Jillian!! ;0)

Tesa said...

Glad she had a great birthday party! It looks like so much fun. Those cupcakes are adorable and my daughter would love the musical skirt. Happy belated birthday to her!