Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Fun

Since my mom had minor heart surgery about two weeks ago, Jillian and I headed up to visit her last week. My parents do some serious Christmas (and Halloween) decorating in their yard. Jillian got to do a little exploring, but quite deliberately avoided all decorations sporting a Santa Claus.

Then, as you may have heard (or experienced!), those of us on the East Coast got hammered by a major snow over the weekend. Jillian loved the snow she experience last year, but this big snow (we ended up with around 19") was almost a bit TOO big for her. She definitely was not thrilled about how being bundled up and the depth of the snow impeded her ability to run around the way she usually does. I did manage to capture a couple pictures of her enjoying the snow on Sunday, after the white stuff stopped falling.

And the obligatory then and now photos:

THEN (March 2009)

NOW (December 2009)

Guess it'll soon be time to get her a new snow suit, since the "12 Month" one is starting to get a little snug!!


Emily said...

I always love the "then & now" pics. what a difference!

Amber said...

cute snow pics! My little one could only handle 10 minutes of snow and she was ready to get under the electric blanket. I hope your mom is recovering well.

JanMary said...

Love those them and now pics.

Merry Christmas from N Ireland.