Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I Learned This Week

It's been a while, WILTW. I'm sure you're all waiting on the edges of your seats to find out what profound things I've learned in the last few weeks, right? Sorry, nothing especially profound to report. But I have learned some things. Let's see if I can remember them all to share with you...

I learned (again) to make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients before starting to cook or bake something. Last week I decided to try sugar cookies from my "Baking Illustrated" cookbook. After mixing my dry ingredients, I realized that I only had one stick of butter in the fridge (one shy of the required two). After thinking I had adequately mixed my dry ingredients, I decided to take out half and make a half batch. Apparently, the baking powder did not get evenly mixed in, and the cookies were, well, a mess. Tasty, yes, but aesthetically not pleasing. So of course we had to eat them all that night. I also started making pizza dough, before realizing the yeast that I had purchased earlier in the week at the store clearly did not make it into any of my bags. I ended up finding a no-yeast recipe for pizza dough, but it definitely wasn't as good.

I learned that I can make an awesome sugar cookie (as long as I have all the ingredients).

I learned that my toddler loves snow. And as long as it's on the ground, I will be alerted to the presence of "no" several times a day.

I learned that Jillian can sort of follow directions. She was in the Christmas Play at church over the weekend and she did really well not running off or shrieking in displeasure at any point. Which was quite good considering we had been at church since about 8:30am and the play wasn't until the 11:30am service.

I learned that sick toddlers are disruptive to your own sleep. This is especially bad if you are sick also. My husband came down with some sort of bug last week and I was feeling pretty bad for a couple days, but I thought I got off light. Apparently now, both Jillian and I have some variety of flu. I'm guessing it's the swine variety, because she's been vaccinated against the ole seasonal flu. Of course, my logic for self-diagnosing flu is based on one simple fact...my skin hurts. My skin only ever hurts when I have a flu.

I guess that wraps it up...mostly because I'm feeling pretty crappy right now and am ready for a nap. Hopefully this flu thing moves its way through our house pretty quickly and we are back to feeling good by the end of the week.

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The Fritz Facts said...

Oh No! I hope you feel better very soon. We have been lucky (pounds on wooden desk) so far, but I know it's coming at some point.

2 Toddlers and Me said...

I have a terrible habit of never checking all of my ingredients before I bake. Then I spend an atrocious amount of time searching the internet for substitutes and being disappointed it didn't turn out right.

Hope you are feeling better soon. It's so difficult being sick and taking care of a little one whose sick too.

JanMary said...

Wishing you a healthier house in the run up to Christmas :)

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh I HATE it when I go to make something and I don't have the right ingredients. ARGH. Glad you're back! :-)

Lindsey said...

Sorry you're not feeling well - get better soon!

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