Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Swap

Brenna had our moms group over yesterday morning for breakfast and a cookie swap. I skipped out on the cookie swapping since we had plans just about every night this past week, and I didn't get around to making cookies. Breakfast was great and it was good to see everyone for a couple hours before we had to rush off to the store before "the big snow".

Brenna was also cool enough to take some great pictures of the kiddos!

Jillian was doing something bad here so I was making her sit and cool down with me. You can see her displeasure!

I love this progression of snack pictures...

#1: Yay goldfish!!

#2: Get away from my goldfish!

#3: Hoarding the goldfish.

#4: Thinking about sharing the goldfish.

#5: Sharing the goldfish!
The best was when Jillian put a goldfish in Amedeo's mouth but only once. After multiple attempts to recreate it for the camera, we settled on the two of them sharing.

Thanks again Brenna for having us over - we had a wonderful time!!!


johntindale said...

I bet she said "no" at least once

Brenna said...

it was my pleasure, Mel! glad you could make it!