Sunday, December 13, 2009

Adventures in Gymnastics

On Friday, we had our playgroup at Columbia Gymnastics. Jillian has been going to My Gym for littler kids for over a year now, and I was excited to see how she'd do at the "real" gym! (Doesn't hurt that I did gymnastics when I was younger and even did adult gymnastics at that very same gym...)

I didn't get any good pictures of her running on the TumblTrak (a sort of strip trampoline), but I ended up getting a couple others. All the tots really liked that!

They set up a neat obstacle course for the kids in the preschool area.

She really liked the stars on the floor. She picked them up and started singing - I think she may have been trying "Twinkle, Twinkle", because really, what other song does she know that involves a star?

This is my favorite picture from the day - Jillian jumping over the mats like hurdles. She looks so determined!

This should have been the capture of the day, but she went down the slide into the pit so fast my camera didn't have a chance to focus :-( Look at that form - she even has her toes pointed!!

It was a super fun time and hopefully we get to do it again!!!

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