Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tot School!

I feel like we had a tough time carving out time for tot school last week, and unfortunately, this coming week's schedule doesn't leave room for much more. :-(

This week was "H" week.

We watched "Heidi" which we checked out of the library and Jillian was completely into! Too bad the DVD was scratched and we could only watch about half of it. :-(

We read books about being happy and being helpful, and learned the word "help".

We spent time playing with some of our favorite learning toys this week, too. The stacking rings are always a fun time!

And Jillian helped mommy rake twice (when it wasn't raining...)!

Then it was time for Jillian's driving lesson! Just kidding ;-)

Jillian got a lot of phys ed this week. Saturday we went to my stepson's Cub Scout Pinecar Derby and were there for what felt like for.freakin.ever. Luckily the gym at the school was open and Jillian spent probably three hours running around and around the gym. I was worn out just keeping an eye on her!

Phew. This week will be pretty minimal with the Tot School too I fear. Jilly is spending tomorrow night at her Granny's house so we can go to a business dinner and then I'm getting a haircut and have a doctor appointment Tuesday morning. Babysitting Wednesday and Thursday. I do hope the weather holds out - we have a field trip planned to the zoo with some friends on Friday!

For some much more awesome Tot School posts, head over to 1+1+1=1 and see what other families are doing!


Giggly Girls said...

She is just too cute with her rake!!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, its amazing how much energy kids can have to run around like that! Have fun at the zoo :)

Brenna said...

it's hard to find time to stop and do some learning activities! have a good time at the zoo!