Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tot School!

This week, we extended "F" week through Monday, since we were planning a visit to the National Aquarium with our friends to see "fish"! It was a great visit and Jillian seemed to really enjoy the fish, and the turtles, and the escalators, and the moving sidewalks! You can read more about our fun visit here and here if you're interested.

Our "G" week activities were pretty limited since we babysat all day Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday Jillian went down to my father-in-law's house for the weekend.

But we did get in some good "G" book reading:

We also watched "Goonies" which may seem a weird selection for a toddler, but Jillian loves it for some reason. It has a few bad words in it, so I think in the very near future it may have to go away....

Jillian got to do some rock climbing in historic Ellicott City, and then we attended a free session of "Mother Goose on the Loose".

I got out the pom-poms for Jillian one evening this week again, and she enjoyed playing with them as much as the last time. This time I got out her science toys that came from Chick-Fil-A kids meals, which I thought were pretty neat. So yes, that is a plastic graduated cylinder she is playing with....

I also picked up this fantastic Melissa & Doug peg/block stacking train. At Macy's. Because when cleaning a few weeks ago, I ran across an unused $25 Macy's gift card. Score! She has loved playing with this since I bought it Wednesday.

Last week was cool, but mostly sunny, so we spent a good deal of time outside. Besides the rock climbing, we played at one of our favorite playgrounds and did some walking in the leaves. Jillian loved running and crunching through the fallen leaves!!

This week ("H" week) may be a bit less than organized also, since I have some more continuing ed to complete for my funeral directors license on Tuesday and we babysit again on Wednesday and Thursday, but I'm hoping we can still fit some good activities in!!

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emk said...

That wooden stacking train has been sitting in my closet for over a year, when I bought it at a Mumbles and Squeaks sale. I'm thinking Christmas prezzie! Glad she likes it!

Lil' Ms. P said...

I love when I find unused gift cards! It is like getting it as a gift again. :)