Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tot School!

This week we did a little better with our tot school. We focused on the letter "F".

Some coloring was done...templates from DLTK.

I made a sensory bin with rice, and dyed the rice blue, to make a fish bowl. I hid various fish in it for Jillian to find. Instructions on how to dye rice can be found here. I skipped including alcohol (or I've heard vinegar works too), thinking it wouldn't make a difference. And it didn't for the color of the rice. Unfortunately, it looks like the addition of said alcohol (or vinegar, which makes sense, because you add vinegar to food coloring to dye Easter eggs...) sets the dye in the rice, you your hands don't end up dyed too. Despite the blue hands, Jilly really did enjoy playing with this!

Since we babysit two days a week, I usually don't do much tot school those days, but on Wednesday, I had some time with Jillian after her nap when the other little one was still asleep. I took advantage of her interest in the play oven mitt and we played with pretend food! The picture quality here isn't great; I just grabbed my cell phone and snapped away with its camera.

We spent a lot of time with friends this week, too. We met up with Amy and her children at Foxhill Park in Bowie. What a cool park, especially for the older kids!

We went to class at My Gym twice and attended a Halloween party with our moms group friends.

We learned about things that fly, too. We talked about birds, butterflies, bugs, and airplanes. Now when Jillian plays with her airplanes, she flies them through the air. And if she sees something flying, she says, "FLY!".

Totally unrelated to the letter F, Jillian decided she wanted to play with her blocks this afternoon. In the midst of folding laundry, I glanced over to see the tower of blocks she was building! She got it up to six blocks high, which I though was pretty good, considering the blocks are pretty small and she was building on top of her Sit'N'Spin!

The Food
We didn't get super creative here, but we did have lots of fruit: grapes, raisins, bananas, apples. YUM! And we tried Fig Newtons too, which were exciting at first, but by the end of the week, Jillian was completely uninterested in them.

The Reading List

The Viewing List
From the library, we borrowed a National Geographic DVD about Farmyard Friends. We also borrowed two versions of "Five Children and It", which I had never heard of. The movie version was cute and a huge hit with Jillian. The BBC miniseries version was enjoyable for her too, but not as much for me. We also jammed out to some Fraggle Rock!

Overall, it was a good week for our tot school. Tomorrow we're going to wrap up "F" week a little late, and visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore to see fish!

Head over to 1+1+1=1 to read about more Tot School activities this week!


emk said...

That blue rice bin looks so cool!!! And kudos to you for sticking with this tot school project-- it's awesome!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Baltimore?? I was born in Baltimore! Very Cool! I love seeing tots play with kitchen stuff, definately a favorite around here too. In fact, Laffy's found my real rolling pin and been dragging it around the house the past few days! Great week!

Casy Schweickart said...

I used to LOVE Fraggle Rock!!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

The blue rice is very pretty (I bet her hands were too, hee hee) and it looks like she had a great time with it! I love the outdoor pics - what a cutie! Thanks for sharing your great week!

Party of Eight said...

Love your tot school! The pics at the park turned out great :) Love the blue rice idea! Will you go to a G park next??? :)