Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 out of 3 isn't bad...

Yesterday turned out to be a bust for us because of some last minute things that came up, so we didn't get to visit the zoo. :-(

Today, since Daddy had a meeting in the morning, I decided to take Jillian to the movies for the first time. Back in October, we went to the Baltimore train museum and checked out Disney's "A Christmas Carol" Train Tour. One of the movie theaters near us was showing the movie in 2-D, and had an early showing (10:10am), so I thought we'd try out the movie-going experience. For those of you that are local, Cinemark Egyptian 24 (formerly Muvico, at Arundel Mills) has an early bird movie special where tickets are just $6 each!!

We arrived just before the previews started, and I admit, Jillian was restless during the previews. Like any determined mom, I bribed her with M&M's. She settled down as soon as the movie started. And sat quietly through THE WHOLE MOVIE. There were a couple scary parts where she held on to me or covered her eyes, but she did great! And I really enjoyed this interpretation of A Christmas Carol.

This afternoon we were scheduled for our Christmas pictures at Target. That went pretty well also. We got a great family portrait, a couple good pictures of Jillian alone, and our Christmas cards ordered. I tried to snap some pictures of Jillian in her pretty Christmas dress at home before we left.

Since she was all dressed up, we decided to take her to see Santa and have dinner at the mall afterward. We got there just after Santa's dinner break (or break to "feed the reindeer") and were third up in line. She was very excited about Santa; until we got to within six feet of him. At which point she started clinging to us, shaking with fear, and crying. The closest we got was her touching the fluffy ball at the end of his hat while Daddy held her. Santa last year made her wary, but the Easter bunny was her absolute favorite. We'll try again before Christmas, but my hopes aren't high for a Santa picture this year.

I guess two out of three isn't bad on the day, though!


Casy Schweickart said...

What a cutie! We tried Santa this weekend as well but she really didn't want to have anything to do with him and I wasn't about to make her. I'm with you...we will try again later. ;0)

Brenna said...

you have been busy! adorable dress!