Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Jillian and I went hiking earlier this week at Patapsco State Park's Avalon/Glen Artney area. At a picnic the other weekend, Jillian seemed quite enthusiastic about hiking up a trail, so now that the cooler weather has arrived (except apparently today), I thought we'd hike part of the Soapstone Branch Trail. She did really well walking alone. She made it about 2/3 of the way up the trail by herself and I carried her about half the way down.

We stopped to recognize the trail markers on the trees (which were purple on this trail). Jillian waved "hi-yee" to them!

She loved going off-trail to explore.

Then we walked down to the creek for Jillian to explore in the water. It was a little cool out, but I figured she'd be easier to dry off half-naked than fully clothed. So off came the pants, socks, and shoes! I should have taken her shirt off too, but I didn't think she'd sit DOWN in the water.

Other than the spill I took while descending the trail with toddler in arms, it was a fun and uneventful hike. We'll have to do it again once we have more leaf changing!
It totally wiped Jillian out!

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