Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank You Very Much

I stumbled on The Daily Dribbles today and just LOVE this idea, so I'm joining in!

Do you need a therapeutic way to vent out your frustrations for the week? If so, Thank You Very Much is just what you need!! Grab the button from The Daily Dribbles, paste it in your post, type out your frustrations, and come on back to link up!!

I'd like to say thank you to:

*both the recyclables collectors and trash collectors, for being too lazy to walk three steps to the curb where our trash and recycles go out. Really, is that too much to ask if you overshoot your mark with your already too-loud trucks? The back up beeper on top of your truck noise never fails to wake my husband and I, as well as our toddler, sometime between 6am and 7am on collection days. Thank you very much.

*the traffic light that got stuck this evening on our way home. I pulled up to find my left turn arrow in the midst of being yellow. I stopped. And waited. And waited. And waited. Through three entire cycles with NO left turn arrow. Until I finally pulled back into the flow of traffic and headed down the road to take another way home. Thank you very much.

*the police officer that sat through the above traffic light cycle one time on the opposite side of the road, noticing that our traffic was backing up on the parkway, and noticing that we NEVER got another green arrow. How responsible of him to continue on his way ignoring the traffic problem. Thank you very much.

Ahhhh...I feel better already!


Tara said...

I like this idea. The trash/recyclables people always used to make me mad when they'd leave our recycle bin or trash can sitting partially on the road for somebody to demolish. Luckily it never happened but not because they weren't given an opportunity.

Kmama said...

Thanks for linking up!

Very cute blog.

I hear you on the traffic signal/lazy cop thing. I almost posted something similar!!