Sunday, October 18, 2009

More from the Weekend Project

I already posted about the kitchen makeover and organization here, but I did few other things this weekend too.

But here are some after pictures anyway, just because I *heart* the way the kitchen turned out.

I put up a new hand towel "rack" in the bathroom that also acts as a shelf. Goodbye to all that clutter that WAS on my bathroom counter!

Sorry, no before pictures from the bathroom.

I cleaned up Jillian's bedroom, broke down the converted crib-to-toddler-bed to see if she'll sleep on her mattress on the floor, and finished making her blanket.

Jilly's room before - note the "nest" of blankets on the floor NEXT TO the bed where she's been sleeping.

And...the after!

We'll see if she stays in this "bed". I'm also happy that she can't reach her light switch from the mattress on the floor. We'll see if that stresses her out, though.

While I certainly didn't get everything done this weekend that I had planned, I feel like I got a lot accomplished. And I'm SORE.

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