Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Kitchen Project

This weekend's mission was clean and purge. On the list of things to tackle were: our storage unit, the kitchen (which was truly the one thing that I HAD to get done), the upstairs bathroom, Jillian's bedroom, our bedroom, the closet under the steps downstairs, and the closet in our foyer.

My plan has been revised. Yesterday I spent several hours going through stuff in our storage unit. One contractor bag of trash and a very full car load for Salvation Army later, I called it quits. I'd say I got through more than 50% of what I wanted to there. Not too shabby.

I took a break for a quick nap, shower, and dinner/happy hour with Lisa which was long overdue. When I got home, I started on the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen. I forgot to take before pictures last night, but I basically sorted through the four Rubbermaid storage boxes we had stashed in there before stopping for the night around 12:30am.

I got up this morning and was ready to head to Ikea by 8am. They don't open until 10am - thank goodness I looked online before heading down there. I spent those couple hours taking "before" pictures, pulling stuff out of the kitchen, and giving the floor a good sweep and mop.

May I just say that I *heart* Ikea. Truly and honestly. I got there before they opened and killed some time prepping the car, folding down seats and making as much room as possible for the boxes I knew I'd be toting home.

I stuck to my list and only picked up one or two small things that weren't on there. I did blow the $100 budget. Big time. Because my husband and I were just recently talking about how our kitchen table is too big for the space. And Ikea had a set with four chairs that just fit our needs better that I didn't find online last night, but were less expensive than the set I had planned on picking up today. Score!

I'll share more pictures later on, but wanted to put up the before and after pictures now. Mostly because I am SO thrilled with the results. The only things I bought were a shelf for the wall as you walk in (to store snacks and such that are too big for our measley pantry; you know, the massive box of goldfish, the HUGE container of animal crackers, etc.), the "bookshelf" in the window alcove (which was my number one priority), and the new table and chairs.

Here are the before pictures:

And the after pictures:

I also tackled a small project and some major purging in our bathroom upstairs, and got started in Jillian's room. The revised plan includes me trying to get my sewing machine working again so I can finish the blanket I started making for Jillian's bed, taking another trip to storage tomorrow, and basically cleaning up and finding homes for the stuff that got displaced in the kitchen overhaul.

More pictures later, but the kitchen had definitely been my major accomplishment of the weekend. Aaaaahhhh.


Anonymous said...

Good job! I especially like the bookcase in that nook. Can you come do my house next? ;-)

Christine W.

Emily said...

Nothing like a good purge to make you like your house a little more! right?!

It looks awesome!

emk said...

Wow! What a difference! So great.