Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fun at the Maryland Science Center

This week was kind of a bust. We stayed in most of Monday, my mom babysat while I ran errands Tuesday, Jilly & I babysat Wednesday and Thursday, and I had a headache most of yesterday (but I did fit in a visit to the TotSwap and picked up a few bargains!).

Today was a rare Saturday when both John and I were home with NOTHING on the calendar. So I thought it would be a good day to do something fun with Jillian. We decided on taking her to the MD Science Center rather than hitting a museum in DC, since the Science Center is all about the hands-on. We even went stroller-free!

Jillian had an absolute blast!! We stayed for about three hours and probably could have stayed longer, but we were getting hungry and it was well past naptime.

The dinosaurs were a big hit. Jillian calls them "Doh", much like Homer Simpson's "D'oh!". The only time she was a little wary of them was when they 'roared'. It was a pretty big sound that sent running for daddy's legs!!

Jillian played with "clouds".

She had fun making handprints in the big pin wall in the kids room.

The most fun we had of course was the water table. Be warned, if you plan on taking your little ones, that the "smocks" do not keep very enthusiastic water players dry. And by "enthusiastic", I mean the kind of play that involves pouring water over their heads.

We ended up buying a dinosaur t-shirt for Jillian to wear out due to the soaked shirt and jeans. One of these days, I swear, I will remember to pack a spare set of clothes in the diaper bag. On second thought, I will do that right now. BRB.

All in all a very fun day. We only "lost" Jillian once (she is a very fast toddler) and she was recovered quickly by daddy. It wasn't especially crowded, either. A bit pricey (at $14.95/adult for basic entry and $16 in the parking garage for over two hours), but kids under 3 are free. They do offer memberships; we may think about that for the future. Next time we'll likely go a little earlier, like when they open at 10am, and brown bag it for lunch - they have a cafeteria to eat in if you bring a lunch!

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Party of Eight said...

Great pictures capturing Jillian having another fantastic time! We haven't been to the science center in a while. Good to know it wasn't too crowded on a Saturday. I would def. have to bring Ryan with us!