Monday, October 5, 2009

Children's Name Meme

Here's a cool old-school-bloggy-meme that I saw over at Jo-Lynne's and thought I'd play along!

1. Do you have any cultural or religious naming traditions?

No, but for several generations before me, females in my family had "Virginia" in there name somewhere.

2. Did you or your partner come to the marriage with pre-selected names?

Sort of. I always like Andrew for a boy (which is my husband's brother's name, so it's out) and Elizabeth for a girl, but never really felt like I HAD to use those names.

3. Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last names together? Did this make any sad eliminations?

Sure did. This didn't make any sad eliminations, but I did look at initials and what they'd spell. The name I liked for my daughter was Elizabeth, but the middle name I liked was Ann. And with our last name, her initials would have been EAT. Seriously, what if she was a pudgy kid?

I also looked at rhyming words for names. I liked Charlotte, but it rhymes with "harlot". I could just hear it..."Charlotte the Harlot". Do kids even know the word harlot anymore? Well, maybe my pregnant imagination ran away with me a bit. But kids can pick on other kids for anything, why make it easier?

4. Did you have veto powers?

We both had veto powers, but I think John actually suggested our daughter's name.

5. Did the baby naming cause arguments?


6. Do you think it is easier to name boys or girls?

I like girls names better so that makes it more fun I think, but harder because there are more of them that I like.

7. Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don’t like or because a certain image comes to mind.

I would, but in this case I don't think we came up with any that had 'negative connotations'.

8. Did you / would you survey your children to get their thoughts on the name?

Our daughter is our first, so we didn't have kids to run it by. I think we told my stepson, but we didn't really ask for opinions.

9. Did you tell people the name or possible names before the baby was born or were they “in the vault”?

Before. Our daughter's name was on baby shower cakes and everything.

10. Did you use baby name books?

I looked through some, but they didn't really help. I mostly found names in them that I'd NEVER use!

Drumroll please…What did you name your kids?

Jillian Elizabeth Tindale

My stepson has the same initials, J.E.T., so they have that in common. Now we wonder if we need to stick with the J.E.T. convention for our next one!

I totally spent my childhood not being able to find my name on anything, you know, souvenir toothbrushes, key chains, etc. I swore that I'd give my child a name that was more easily found on stuff. Guess what? Apparently, Jillian is not so easy to find. Oops!

Wanna play along? Consider yourself tagged!

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MrsM said...

Jillian is a cute name!

To avoid any butting heads, hubby and I have a kid naming system (once you have three it's officially a "system" LOL). One person gets to pick the first name and one person gets to pick the middle, then reverse for the other gender.

For instance, with our oldest I had first name boy and Hubby and first name girl, so I had middle name girl and he had middle name boy. Our oldest is a boy, so I ended up giving him his first name and Hubby gave him his middle. For our second we switched (I got first name girl, he got first name boy) and we had a girl. Finally with our third Hubby had first name girl and we HAD a girl so he finally got to choose a child's first name. He was so excited!

It might be a little complicated, but it's kept us from getting upset over anything.

Thanks for sharing your baby naming process =)