Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - Sitting Down

I don't know about you, but I have a maniac very active toddler. At 20 months old, her attention span is pretty short and she is often unruly in public places that involve me "getting something done". Like the library. Or the bank. Both of which are errands we run weekly. I dread these trips.

This week, I discovered the power of sitting down. Not me sitting down (which would of course be awesome), but Jillian sitting down. Instructing her to sit down before has never been very successful. Who would want to sit down when there is tons of space to run around?

We battle at the library, because she wants to run through the aisles of books, meticulously pulling them off the shelves. Which makes it tough for me to pick up and scan a few books to find something I want to check out. Then it hit me! Jillian likes to look through books. Any books. Especially paperback fiction books. I told her that she had to sit down on the floor if she wanted to look at the books. Wow! She listened! I still had books to pick up and replace on the shelf, but at least they were all from the same shelf and I had to do zero toddler chasing!

At the bank, Jillian loves the open space and runs around. Lots. Luckily the branch we go to is often slow and they "know" us there. My favorite banking assistant is out on maternity leave, so there is someone else handling opening/closing accounts. And she is very slow nice. We were there for a whopping 45 minutes Monday. You can imagine how this went; I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say I chased her into the employee kitchen twice and repeatedly pulled her away from destroying the mini-blinds. I tried something new. Sitting down! Again, sitting down with nothing to do: ineffective. Sitting down while eating a lollipop? Perfect. I didn't think Jillian was big enough for lollipops yet, but desperate times.... She sat for at least ten minutes for me so that she could eat a lollipop.

So that's what worked for us this week. I'm going to have to find out ways to use this "sitting down" trick more!!

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2 Toddlers and Me said...

Isn't it amazing how sometimes a solution will just pop up for you? I admit I gave my son lollipops at about the same age so he would sit still in a grocery cart. It worked wonders, just be sure to carry some wet wipes with you for sticky clean-ups.

Orange Juice said...

i never wanted to deal with that so I just always use the stroller. lol