Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday - First Time!

I've been reading other bloggers' "Works for Me Wednesday" posts for some time now and have yet to jump in on the action. Well, this week is the week.

Several weeks ago my then 19 month old toddler climbed out of her crib. Looking at our options (crib tent, buying a toddler or twin bed, converting her crib, etc.) and our budget ($0), we went with the conversion. It's been a bumpy ride, but nothing out of the ordinary (I don't think). The first week we struggled with crying when she got out of her bed and freaking out. She hated the baby gate at her door so we instituted a "three chances" policy - after three get-out-of-bed-and-come-downstairs incidents, the gate went up. She adjusted well. Or so we thought.

Now this week, she learned how to stand up on things in her bed to reach the light switch and turn her overhead light on and off. And so the playing after bedtime in her room began. Now I'm not a bedtime-stickler at this point, but I want her to stay in her room and play quietly. But not until all hours of the night, because, well, we've got a "schedule". And it works pretty well for us, if I don't have a cranky, sleepy toddler all day.

She has been awake in her room until 10:30pm or later the past few nights (bedtime is around 8pm) and she has eventually been falling asleep on the floor. We've transferred her to the bed before we go to bed, but she still ends up on the floor in the morning. And after her nap. It's not falling out of bed either. She just gets sleepy playing and falls asleep there. Last night she completely cleared everything off her bed to make her own little "nest" on the floor. Weirdo.

Jillian is officially 20 months old today, and I tried something new. I pulled out some of her blankets (like five or six of them) and padded the floor with a makeshift "bed". We had a little up and down after bedtime tonight, but she was asleep by 9pm (still not ideal, but better than 10:30pm)! Maybe we'll end up totally breaking down the crib/bed at some point and putting her mattress on the floor or maybe she'll decide to go back to her bed. But making a bed on the floor for Jillian is what worked for me!!

What worked for you this week? Head over to We Are THAT Family and link up with your post!


Emily said...

I think the mattress on the floor is a great idea!

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

We converted the crib, but my son wold roll over and hit the side of the crib and wake up. So we put a twin mattress on the floor and it worked PERFECTLY. When he was bigger we put the mattress on a frame, and he's been in it since.

Jessica said...

The mattress on the floor may be a great option so she wouldnt fall out of her crib.

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Have a blessed rest of the week! :)

Orange Juice said...

I hated the transition between crib and bed. UGH!
Glad you found a solution that is working.

Brenna said...

putting the mattress on the floor sounds like a good idea! I don't look forward to the time when Amedeo can jump out of his crib.

Tracey said...

So glad you joined Works for Me Wednesday! Sounds like you came up with a great solution!

JanMary said...

It is amazing how much stuff end up in and out of my son's bed at night.

Usually he ends up sleeping on top of a layer of books!

Just Jennifer said...

I have yet to deal with this. And I'm not looking forward to it.

And grats on joining in on the WFMW fun :)