Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's Jilly?

Remember "Where's Waldo?"?

Well, this is a "Where's Jilly?".

Many of you probably know from my tweets and Facebook updates that Jillian has learned how to turn on and off her the overhead light in her bedroom. She definitely likes the freedom of being in her big girl bed! The other evening, she just wouldn't settle down. We give her three chances to go to sleep in her bed and then we put the baby gate up at her door. After the baby gate went up, she continued playing in her room. We heard her up, we heard her settle down, we heard her up again. I was about to go upstairs and talk to her about getting in bed and going to sleep when I saw the light. A light emanating from her bedroom. A big light. And so it went that she learned to use the light switch.

This evening, after her "three chances", she did a little more up and down in her room. At some point, she got quiet. A bit later, I looked up the stairs to see her bedroom light on. So I decided to head on up and turn it off (and catch a glimpse of her sleeping, because really, who doesn't think that a sleeping babe is one of the most adorable things?).

This is what I found in her bed.

Clearly, plenty of stuffed animals, blankets, books, etc. But no Jilly. If you look hard (this is the best photo angle I could get from the baby-gated's tough being 5'1", you know?), you can see her on the floor with her giant caterpillar. Sound asleep.


Tara said...

So sweet. She was so tired from filling up the bed with her toys that she collaped with Mr. Caterpillar.

And, you're only 5'1"? Yay, I'm not the shortest person alive! I've got 2" on you ;-)

Linda said...

I think we call it Where's Wally in Australia. We had a gym concert based on it the other day.