Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 17

Cooking dinner is my favorite time of the day. I clean up the kitchen (somewhat) before I start and my menu is basically planned. It's time where I can "create" in the kitchen by myself. And hopefully my toddler isn't getting into too much stuff in the living room while I'm in there doing it!

I've never been a morning person, but I'm finding that I like setting my alarm to get up around 7:00am. Now that Jillian doesn't sleep as late, it's nice to have an hour-ish to get some caffeine in me and do some blog posts (I'd say catch up on reading blog posts, but I'm really behind on that - SORRY!).

9:10am is too early for a toddler's class to start. See above; I'm not a morning person. The class that Jillian attends at My Gym starts at 9:10am Monday. Ouch. We've been late the past two weeks. Her class Friday starts at 11:35am. Too late - totally into naptime by the end of class. The "just right" class for us is around 10 or 10:30am. Too bad the classes offered at that time for her are on days we're babysitting. Bummer.

And while I'm babbling about My Gym, let me just say that my daughter *hearts* it there. We took her for parents night out (where they watch the kids from 5:30-8:30pm and feed them dinner for just $25) on Friday, and before we were even out the door she was off playing. I don't even think she looked our way as we left. Now, I don't want to be the parent whose child throws a screaming fit every time she's left somewhere, but maybe just a little "sad-to-see-you-go" or "I'll-miss-you" face?

I think that wraps it for WILTW. For more, you can check out Jo-Lynne's awesome blog!!


jen@odbt said...

I totally get what you mean about leaving your child and not even getting a second glance. That happened to me on my son's 1st day of preschool - every other child was crying and he was fine with just being there. I think it's a good sign of parenting (at least that's what I told myself).

girlymama said...

i agree - leaving the house before nine is BRUTAL!
and very complicated ;-)

Brenna said...

it's funny...I'd say that dinner time is my least favorite part of the day....at least when Pietro is away.

JanMary said...

What a great idea to for the gym to look after the kids at a perfect time for a meal together.

Wish we had that here.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I love how productive I feel when I get up early. Unfortunately, now that it's colder and staying dark longer, I'm having a harder time getting out of bed before 7am.