Saturday, September 12, 2009

Messy Little Girl

Jillian has really shown an interest in coloring recently. The only problem is that she doesn't show an interest in crayons. She clearly prefers ball point pens. Which is not so good for her wardrobe. Today I splurged and picked up a pack of 50 washable markers. I understand that they do, in fact, wash out of everything. We shall see.

This morning we ventured out to the Howard County Fairgrounds to go consignment sale shopping. Last weekend we really scored at the sale in Carroll County (thanks to Jillian's NiNi and Poppop) and have a full fall wardrobe and some things for next summer. Today I was in search of some shoes for her to grow into and a kid-sized table and chairs. I found two pairs of shoes (one brand new), a princess coloring/sticker book which has been a huge hit, a table, and a chair. I must say that I love this chair the most. It's super sturdy and will probably last forever. Sturdy is a big plus around here, since Jillian is a climber.

Here she is coloring at her new table and chair.

And here she is with washable marker all over standing on the newly acquired table. Luckily, it too is quite sturdy.


emk said...

You and Em2 both-- why you holding out on the glory of the LOW PRICE of these objects?! :-)

Glad you found such awesome finds! (Even if it leads to a DIRTY JILLY!)

Brenna said...

yay for coloring!

melaniet42 said...

Sorry Em1! The table I scored for $5 and the chair for $6. The new shoes for $5, the used shoes for $2. The coloring/sticker book of course was the real bargain at $0.25. And the best part is that I pulled $16 worth of quarters out of Jillian's "bank", so she bought most of her own stuff today!

emk said...

Sweet deals all around!!! :-)

JanMary said...

I find coloring is not only hard on my kids clothes - but my own wardrobe too! Especially in church, where all pens seem to be magnetically drawn to my skirts! I try to stick to sticker books to keep my son occupied there now :)

Great finds.