Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lip Smackin' Goodness

As most of you know by now because I can't shut up about how excited I am about it, I've been menu planning for the last two weeks. It has been fantastic. I have cooked at home every night except the evening we went to my MIL's to pick up my stepson. I was afraid that when I first started this whole menu planning thing that I'd go all nuts and try to cook a new recipe every night or something. So I've limited myself to trying a new recipe (defined as one that I have to print out and "follow") no more than once a week.

This week I tried Bean-Cheese-Rice Squares. Score. Totally. I've never actually done anything casserole-style prior to this, mostly because the only casserole dish I had up until a couple weeks ago was a massive 9"x13" dish. Which makes WAY too much for two and a half people. So I picked up a nice 8"x8" from Target and it got initiated this week!

I ended up switching my Wednesday and Thursday night meals this week, so I was supposed to do "Bruschetta Chicken over Rice" tonight. I used the same basic ingredients, but since I didn't get the bruschetta topping made earlier this week, I changed it up a bit. I think I should have added some Italian spice to the rice that I re-heated, but other than that, this ended up super tasty and SUPER easy!!

Oh yeah, and I found the key to an awesome honey mustard glaze last night for our pork chops. For two boneless, skinless chops, I used: 2T honey, 2T dijon-style mustard, and 1/4 tsp cumin! I whisked it together, dipped my chops in to coat on each side (after salt & pepper on chops), and cooked them up on the stovetop in some olive oil. I'm all about the fewest ingredients necessary to make something awesome tasting. Yummy! (Even my husband thought so!)

Lookout everyone, I just might get good at this cooking thing!!


emk said...

AWESOME!!! Meal-planning really does make everything go so much smoother, doesn't it? I think the greatest thing about doings lots of cooking is reaching the point where you have the confidence to just throw some things together! I often "make stuff up" now since, after awhile, all the recipes add up to a general understanding of ways to make food taste good!

It does kill me, however, that you've only had 1 baking dish up until now. I am SO relieved that you fixed that with a trip to Target! ;-)

But seriously-- think about all the money you're saving by not eating out! It really adds up.

WoodsFTL said...

This Rice Bean and Cheese casserole looks like it will make it on our table in the next week or two - thanks!!!

Party of Eight said...

I love hillbilly housewife! We never tried that recipe, but will have to now! Great job!

Brenna said...

yay for you! i'm glad menu planning is working out. i'm happy with the way our week has gone too...though we have too many leftovers. i guess the planning gets better with time!