Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Shrieked Like a Little Girl

This evening, Jillian is at my parents' house for an overnight. I have an all day embalming seminar (yes, I said embalming) to attend tomorrow for CEU's needed to keep my funeral director license active. John was at Josh's Parents Night at his elementary school. So I had some time alone.

I was enjoying a tasty adult beverage on the front steps in the crisp fall-like air. And along came a grasshopper and promptly ate a spider. I watched it and it watched me. It was sort of a stare-off. I wondered if it would stick around for me to grab my camera. He chirped and ate. And I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

What was it, you ask? A mouse! A friggin mouse came running up our steps right up to the step below where my feet were! As long as I have lived here, I can't get used to the "wildlife". I swear you'd think I actually lived somewhere rural. I jumped up (clearly scaring off the creepy grasshopper) and shrieked like a little girl!


Brenna said...

hee hee! Hope your seminar went well! Are you thinking about returning to mortuary stuff when Jilly starts going to school?

melaniet42 said...

Brenna, The seminar was really good (but long!). I don't know how soon I'll be returning since we'd like to have another little one, but I worked too hard to become a licensed funeral director to let my license lapse. I need 12 CEU's every renewal cycle (two years) and this seminar accounted for six of them.