Thursday, September 17, 2009

Frugal Friday

I usually don't have a Frugal Friday post, but this week it seemed fitting. As a stay at home mom, I like saving money. More than that, I love finding bargains. This time of year is one of my favorites for bargain hunting. About two weeks ago, I went to a consignment sale with my parents to stock up Jillian's closet for fall (and seriously, it doesn't get more frugal than grandparents' treat!). We walked away with a large, black trash bag stuffed full of fall clothes and a few dresses for spring and summer. I didn't even take pictures of all our finds because there was just SO much! But rest assured, just about everything you see my daughter wear this fall came from that consignment sale.

This past weekend, I went to another huge consignment sale and picked up a table and chair for Jillian. More on that here.

Over the last week, I've been scouring the malls for those end of summer clearance sales. The best ones I found were at Sears, Crazy Eight, Old Navy, and the Childrens Place, though I did pick up a couple good deals (defined by me as $3 or under) at Gap and Gymboree. One of the other awesome deals I found was at the Disney Store. Now, in my experience, the Disney Store often has things on sale and those deals are so-so, but sometimes they have really good clearance sales. Like right now. All of their backpacks are $7.99, and the attachable fabric lunch bags are $3.99. I couldn't pass up a Little Mermaid lunch bag for Jillian to tote around some of her stuff.

Here are some of the goodies we picked up at various stores. For under $60 for all of it, it's quite a cache of goodies, don't ya think? I think the best deals were the bathing suits from Crazy Eight. We picked up three suits for a total of $15 that regularly priced would have cost around $45. Score!

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Anonymous said...

Just got an email from Old Navy for an online coupon:
"onsavesome" for 20% off your whole order and use code "shipfree50" for free shipping if you buy more than $50 of maternity or baby clothes.

Scored a whole bunch of clothes for the kids and a few pieces for me for an avg. of $7.40 each (which considering my pieces were $20+ is a great average). They have some great deals on baby clothes right now, up to 40% off.


emk said...

Awesome! I LOVE buying ahead! (of course, the guessing about sizes can be tricky, but it's still a thrill!)