Monday, August 31, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 13

** I learned that Staples charges an astronomical amount to send a fax: $1.39 for the first page and...wait for it...$1.00 per page after that! Holy moly!! So what I really learned is that you NEVER, EVER, go to Staples if you have a 43 page contract to fax to your realtor. And did I mention that the self serve fax won't take 43 pages? You have to go to the guy behind the copy center counter to have him do it. So much for confidentiality. And get this, it takes FOR-EVER. For more than $43.39 in faxing, I expect it NOT to take more than a half hour. Seriously Staples, where's my Easy Button for that?

** Never take a toddler to Staples if you have no intention of getting a cart to shop and have to stand around for nearly 40 minutes to send a flippin fax. She will scream, run around, grab things off shelves, and punch you in the eye when you try to subdue her (or at least corral her in the copy center area).

** I learned that I am SO looking forward to fall! Today's weather was just perfect! Cool morning, sunny day that didn't get above 80 degrees, chilly night. August, with your leaving, will you please take that hot, hazy, humid weather along with you? Thankyouverymuch. If it stays like this for a few months, I will be a happy camper!!

** I think I can get organized! Or at least get to a place where I FEEL organized. And feeling organized to me is so much more important than actually being "organized". I started menu planning this week (step 1). I will buy a small, dry erase board to hang on the fridge to help keep track of the payables (I would have bought one at Staples today, but due to the bendover I got there with the fax, I couldn't justify buying something else). I will buy the calendar at Sams Club that I found that has a place to keep track of each person's activities in your family! Three simple steps is all it takes I hope (for me at least).

** I've been motivated to start working with Jillian more on her vocabulary. I don't necessarily feel like she's behind, because BOY does that chica understand SO much! It's just that when we sit down to read her books, I feel like a lot of them have too many things on one page to really focus her. So I did pick up a box of letter flashcards in hell Staples today. I'm working more on the pictures than the letters on the cards, but I love that there are two sets of cards and they each have ONE picture on them. She's already got a new word: apple! As she gets older, I see more uses for them besides the alphabet piece. I see sorting games, with picking out the cards that have animals on them, and the ones that have fruits on them, etc. I'm not going to stress out with her learning all of the words, but I feel like they're a great tool and Jillian really likes playing with them. See what happens when I read blogs about educating tots and preschoolers?

I think that's quite enough for one week, don't you? Now I want to know what you learned! Head on over to Musings of a Housewife with your post, link up, and find out what everyone else learned!


Melissa said...

next time, call me! We have a fax and I charge a lot less then Staples!!

jenssimplepleasures said...

Thanks so much for the laugh this morning!

Here's mine:

TidyMom said...

Jeeeze, you could have almost bought a fax machine for that price!! that's just crazy!


PS- we have a truck stop near us that offers fax service, it's been a while since I used it, but I bet they're cheaper than a place like Staples - see if you have a truck stop near you!

Windy said...

Wow! I think I would have wanted to cry at Staples;)
I am ready for fall weather here, too. It was 74 yesterday and will be the same today, and is very cloudy and windy. I am lovin' it! But I know it's just a tease because it will be in the 90's again by the weekend and usually the humidity hangs around until the end of Sept.
Hold on, though, fall is coming!

emk said...

Okay, the Staples/"hell" strikethrough totally made me laugh! No laughing matter, however, is your faxing experience--I'm so sorry!

Nice work with the vocab-building exercises, though! It's so fun to see their little minds work and then hear the results!

The Mommy said...

I'm SO with you on the Fall weather.

Hairline Fracture said...

Sounds like that Staples visit WAS hellish! Easy button my foot!

I am so ready for fall, too. It is finally getting cooler in the mornings here.

Sarah said...

I have those very same flash cards I think. Sorry your staples trip was so bad.

Tracey said...

Glad I read this about Staples! I will definitely never go there to send a fax!!

Tara said...

As soon as they told me the price, I would have walked out. I'm sure somebody will fax for cheaper than that!! Gosh!

Good idea with the flashcards. I'm not too worried about Andrew's vocabulary. The doctor said he's on target. He understands everything we say and I can tell he's picking up on words we say.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I've done the Staples faxing thing too. You're right. Rip. Off.

I like fall, but I'm not ready yet. No way!!! :-)

Debbie said...

It's probably cheaper to subscribe to on your computer. I scan in my documents and then send them. I'm sure it was frustrating for you though.