Monday, August 24, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 12: Beach Edition

We spent three days at the beach and I'm still recovering, which means I'll probably have fewer posts this week, but I will chime in on Jo-Lynne's carnival with what I learned from our trip.

**Hurricanes can wreak havoc on the ocean tides, making it un-swimmable. They also produce the biggest waves I've ever seen at our beaches. And they also create the best ocean breezes EVER.

**Hurricanes can also tear up a beach like there's no tomorrow.

**The "new" beach can be just as fun for play though, as Hurricane Bill created a neat stream around the back area of the beach with a big "island" in the middle. The stream kept getting refilled by the waves.

**Jillian LOVES the beach. She loves the sand. She loves the ocean. And most of all, she loves getting dirty.

**Vacations on the "cheap" can be just as fun as the ones that cost tons of money. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's beach house, grilled out for dinner one evening, and had breakfasts and lunches at the house. Total cost for our family of four for three days and three nights: somewhere around $250. (cost included beer for mommy and daddy!)

**Beach chairs are a complete lost cause when you have a toddler. All you do is carry them to the beach, set them up, and carry them back all sandy. No sitting allowed with a toddler who has no fear of the ocean. None.

**Beach vacations are no longer relaxing, in the former sense of the word. Fun, yes. Great memories, yes. Relaxing, notsomuch.

**A ten year old boy will actually tell you what an awesome time he is having if you take him to the beach for his last three days of summer vacation before school starts.

So there you have it: what I learned from our beach vacation.

Did you learn anything that you want to share? Want to read about what other folks learned? Head on over to Musings of a Housewife, link up, and join in!!


Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Oh yes, agree that beach trips are no longer relaxing. My son just runs and runs and runs....which means someone has to run run run after him!!!!! No more leisurely reading a book!!

Tracey said...

We are blessed to live close enough to the ocean that we are planning to spend a couple of hours there after our girls get out of school on Friday. I love spending late afternoons at the beach (then stopping for supper on the way home :)

The Mommy said...

I haven't sat in a beach chair in at least three years.

jen@odbt said...

Sounds like a great vacation to me even if you didn't get to sit down. This was the first summer I sat in a chair in 8 years.

Kristin said...

"relaxing Beach Vacation" is usually an oxymoron with small kids!! Still enjoyable, though!

FeliciaE said...

This is why I refuse to go to the beach until my girls are older. I want to be able to relax. Glad you had fun even with the effects of a hurricane.

bluecottonmemory said...

We went to the beach one year after a hurricane. Red Tide made the beach uninhabitable. Thank goodness we had a huge pool. We have a great family picture of everyoneholding their noses and pointing to the beach! And, yes, I would think anybody would love to go to the beach before school started! What a fun post!

girlymama said...

hee hee - i don't think my bum ever touched a beach chair this year either!!

Brenna said...

Now I don't feel so bad about NOT going to the beach...after hearing about the not-sitting-down thing. Good to know!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I completely agree on all points! I'm from the beach area and hurricanes will throw everything out of whack! Oh my!
But the hurricane parties in college... well, let's just say they threw things out of whack, as well. :)
And I think that my kids and your kids have talked. They also don't sit for one single second at the beach, but LOVE it. This year we got a huge 12 x 12 tent and they stayed under the shade pretty much, so it was better. We also made treasure hunts and surrounded the edges of the tent with barricades... I mean chairs, so that helped!
Glad you had a nice trip!

JanMary said...

Now my 3 are a little older, and play happily at the beach together, I actually got to read ONE chapter of a book - but it took all summer!!

Great beach lessons.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh how I love the beach. Sounds like a good time!