Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thoughts on Breakfast...and a Giveaway!

Breakfast around here has become and informal event. Ever since Jillian decided it was NOT okay for me to feed her yogurt, we struggled eating breakfast in the kitchen with her in her high chair. Lately I've been pounding a Carnation Instant Breakfast and giving Jillian a NutriGrain bar or a bowl of Cheerios with raisins and a sippy cup (or two) of milk. I'm not thrilled about not having a "formal" breakfast time, seeing as how breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and all. I like oatmeal, and so does Jillian, but I just don't feel like having something hot for breakfast when it's sweltering outside. So when I got the opportunity to try Yoplait's new Fiber One yogurt for free, I jumped on it. Because we can all use a little more fiber in our diets right? I tried the Vanilla flavor, because I'm a little strange with textures. You know, yogurt that has fruit chunks in kind of freaks me out. Somehow, I just feel like yogurt should be smooth. I like fruit, just not in my yogurt. Same thing with soup. I like soups that are pureed. I don't like chunks in my soup, unless it's a potato soup. Yeah, I'm strange like that. Anyway. I really liked it! In the past I had tried Dannon's Activia and found that it had a different texture than "normal" yogurt. This tasted just like regular vanilla yogurt, one of my favorite flavors! Now I definitely have another healthy breakfast option! And even better, a fantastic snack for that "late-afternoon-I-really-don't-need-to-eat-right-before-dinner" craving. I wish my local grocery store would have had the key lime good does THAT sound?

The health benefits of getting enough fiber in your diet are pretty impressive. I knew about the importance of it before, but when reading about them all in one place, well, WOW. I had never even thought about the benefits of fiber reaching to weight management by helping you feel more satisfied and helping to curb your hunger. This is SO a snack I can get behind. And I always feel hungry about an hour or so after drinking a breakfast shake. Ah...something filling in my tummy for breakfast!

MyBlogSpark is giving me the chance to give away a free trial of the Fiber One yogurt to three (3) of my lucky readers! And get this, not only do you get a coupon for a free four-pack of the yogurt to try, you get a gift pack too! They provided me with one, and I was totally impressed. It includes this awesome (this thing is super cool!) insulated lunch bag, a divided lunch tray with lid, a big lidded and measured drink cup with lid, and two sporks (who doesn't love sporks?). I know we'll be using our insulated lunch bad this coming weekend when we go to the beach!

How do I enter, you ask? Because I KNOW you're just clamoring to win this!

It's simple. And I'll even give you the chance to have up to three entries!

First entry: Leave me a comment on this blog and tell me what you and your family eat for everyday breakfasts.

For a second entry: subscribe to my blog on Blogger or through a feed reader and leave me a comment telling me that you're already a subscriber or that you have subscribed.

For a third entry: mention this giveaway and link to it on your blog or on Facebook and leave me a comment with your blog post link or that you FB'ed it.

Make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry, as I'll be using's Integer Generator to pick the winners.

Good luck to you all!! Enter by Monday August 24th at 8pm. I'll be announcing the winners Monday night.


emk said...

I am a daily cereal-eater. The little guy rotates between cereal, oatmeal balls, or waffles. And generally a banana, too!

Anonymous said...

The first: Ha! Breakfast!!! Actually, the kids eat very healthy meals over at Megan's. On weekdays when they can't wait to have breakfast, we chow down on yogurt juice (yep, 50/50 yogurt and juice, mix in a sippy cup) and oatmeal bars or cereal bars. We're very big on dry foods that we can eat with our hands (also a benefit if you have to move the show to the car).


Anonymous said...

The second: dude, of course I already subscribe. I use Firefox's feeder.


Anonymous said...

The third: look for it this evening, after work. I love giveaways!


Melissa said...

I usually eat yogurt (the fruity kind) with grape nuts mixed in to help the consistency issue. Sadie eats Dora yogurt and a banana

Melissa said...

subscribe using google reader and have a link my my blog too!

TZel said...


Jenna Z said...

I eat cereal EVERY day! Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. I love cream of rice the best, with milk and cocoa powder!

Brenna said...

I eat toast (usually whole wheat, but sometimes cinnamon raisin) with honey and cream cheese. Sometimes I do cheerios since we seem to have a TON of them around here.

Amedeo eats the full fat Greek yogurt with some mushed banana and some of that baby oatmeal powder. And, usually I spread cream cheese on the tray...he scoops that up with cheerios and chex. He is ADDICTED to cream cheese (or chee chee, as he says), as am I.

Brenna said...

Oh, the other thing I forgot to that you could definitely applique a scrap of fabric over the yogurt logo, and stencil your initials on it...or a flower or skull or whatever.

Mommy Needs Therapy said...

both my boys eat oatmeal every day. I've actually come to hate it because it means every day there is more oatmeal to scrape off the table, highchair, floor, wall, etc. And of course since I don't do it every day by the time I do get to it we are talking serious scraping.

I personally have a slim fast and these pre-made 1 egg omelets that we buy from the school, 60 calories each, so I usually have two. I need the protein in the morning. Of course I tend to follow all that with a Coke, so pretty much negate the goodness of it all.

I need to try Brenna's cream cheese suggestion with my youngest. Don't know why I never thought of that before.

Julie From Inmates said...

I make pancakes about 4 mornings each week. My boys love poptarts, toaster streudels and oatmeal. I eat either pancakes, oatmeal or cereal. Looks like a cool set of stuff. *Crossing fingers*

lmc said...

Cadence eats oatmeal with a banana mashed in and whatever other fruit we have handy every single morning and gets seriously disturbed if I try to change up the routine. I usually eat oatmeal too, but in the warmer months I sometimes just have toast or fruit.