Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Short Beach Vacation

Friday morning we left to pick up Josh and head to Ocean City for the weekend. Apparently, the weather back here at home was quite wet, but the weather at the beach, save for a rain shower late Friday night and one Saturday, was pretty nice! Did I mention there was a hurricane off shore?

When headed to Ocean City, MD via Rehoboth Beach, DE, where we stopped at the Dogfish Head Restaurant to have lunch and fill up a couple growlers with some beer to take to the beach house with us. We finally got to OC and I sent John and Josh off to the beach so Jilly and I could run to the grocery store and buy supplies (i.e., milk, steaks, etc). We headed off to join the boys at the beach. The surf was REALLY rough from the hurricane, so she and I stayed in the sand. Mostly. Jillian LOVES the beach. She loves the sand and she loves the ocean. She's quite a handful!

Friday evening we grilled out at the beach house and John and I spent some time chilling out on the front deck. Enjoying a couple DFH beers. And the WONDERFUL ocean breeze. It was awesome!

Saturday morning we were greeted at the house by a rainbow!

We arrived at the beach to find half of it washed away. There was a "cliff" from where the sand got washed away near the surf and a big "stream" that ran around most of the beach. So there was a sort of island of beach in the middle. The lifeguards were definitely not letting people swim, and we wouldn't have even tried. The waves were super rough and the spray when the waves crashed was almost twice as high as the waves! The tore up beach was actually pretty neat. It gave Jillian some places to play in the water without me having to worry about her running into the ocean.

Saturday night we drove back up to Rehoboth to take the kids to Funland. I grew up vacationing at Rehoboth and couldn't wait to let Jillian ride some of the kiddie rides they have. She didn't disappoint! She loved riding the very same rides that I enjoyed some 30+ years ago!

Boats (date back to the 1940's)

Fire Engines (date back to the late 1930's)

Motorcycles (early 1970's)

Rocketships (mid-1950's)

Swings (a little newer: late 1980's)

And of course we rode the carousel and played some skeeball. Then ate ice cream cones in the rain.

This morning we had considered a mini-golf outing, but we thought that might be asking a bit much of our unruly toddler. We opted for some more beach time. The ocean was much calmer, though the lifeguards were still only allowing people in to about knee deep. No pictures from today. We just played on the beach, had lunch at the beach house, packed up and headed to church for the annual meeting home. Thanks a bunch to my Aunt Betsy and Uncle Doug for letting us stay at their fantastic beach house!!!


johntindale said...

great summary, and great pics, babe!

Emily said...

What a fun weekend!

Casy Schweickart said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! Great pictures!

Brenna said...

oooooooh. you make me want to head to the beach!!! it does look like fun!

that portrait of josh is great!