Friday, August 14, 2009

Fun Stuff!

I spent nap time Wednesday re-organizing our pantry. It's a good sized closet but is set up terribly. Shelves aren't deep enough and the door is one of those hinged doors that pulls out, so NO storage space on it. I took advantage of Target's back to school sales and bought some organization containers. And now our pantry is organized! I put our food storage containers and baby stuff (bowls, sippy cups, bottles, utensils, etc.) in the bottom. My plan was to baby gate it off and hang a couple panels of fabric up as a "door". And of course my spare baby gate is too wide for the doorway. I may scratch that idea anyway and just put up some fabric so it's not quite as obviously a pantry without a PITA door. Jillian clearly enjoys playing with the containers and such that are within her reach!

Today we headed to the Eastern Shore to visit with a friend who has a farm out there. We stopped by the funeral home where I used to work for a quick visit on the way. When we got to the farm, we played in the pool and Jillian did really well! I haven't had her in a pool all summer, but she used a little inner tube (of course I held on to her) and kicked her little legs and paddled her little hands. It was great! No pictures, I was busy keeping my hands on Jilly. Then we had a yummy lunch during which Jillian had a major temper fail. She must've seriously tired herself out in the pool, because she was asleep before we were five minutes away and slept the whole way home. We were going to stop by the Queen Anne's County Fair on the way home, but her attitude indicated to me that I should probably just let her sleep. She slept a little when we got home, too. After her nap, we laid low and I let her watch her new favorite movie "Babe". Clearly she was still a bit on the tuckered out side!

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Brenna said...

I love the last cute! You're is hard (well, impossible) to get pics when you're in the water with the babies.