Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fun at Chez Brenna

This afternoon we stopped by Brenna's (and Amedeo's) house for a bit of playtime. Jocelyn and Denise were there too!

The little ones played in the baby pool for a while.

And they played out of the pool.

Us moms tried to put them all in the swing for a photo op. Jillian and Amedeo were less than thrilled with our brilliant idea. Jocelyn tried the swing out solo with a much better result.

We headed inside after a few mosquito bites a while, and Jillian cranked out a bit. Brenna soothed my cranky toddler by reading a book before we headed to the home front.

Thanks for a fun afternoon Brenna!


Brenna said...

so, if Jilly is cranky...all you have to do is read books ALL DAY LONG! I'm sure you have time for that! Hee hee.

JanMary said...

Gorgeous pool pics - and all good things ~(including smiling faces!) must come to an end!

Tracey said...

Love Jillian's bathing suit - so cute! Oh, to have a designated reader around the house! :)