Saturday, August 8, 2009

An Evening at the Fair

This evening, we headed out to the Howard County Fair. The outing was a success! Jillian enjoyed all the sights and got to ride the carousel. We also went down the big slide together! We had hot dogs, cheese fries, kielbasa, and funnel cakes. Jilly got to meet some animals, Josh got to milk the pretend cow, both kids got to "test ride" the John Deere kid toys, and Jillian learned to moo! Jillian also convinced us to buy her a John Deere play push mower. And did I mention that Jillian also enjoyed the dirt and rocks on the ground? She played in them, got dirty, poured the dirt and rocks all over her arms and legs, etc. Here are some fun pictures from our evening at the fair.


lmc said...

That looks awesome! Now I want to go to the fair!

Booklover1212 said...

Looks like a lot of fun! We missed our county fair this year. So sad! Hopefully next year!

~ Jennifer

Tara said...

Andrew would have been in heaven with those John Deere toys! I see we have another Republican in the making :-) The food sounds so so good...just give me a funnel cake and I would be one happy girl! Glad y'all had fun!!

BTW, how do you get your pictures in a collage like that?