Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day in the Life of... Well, a couple days really. At the end of last week, I gave my two week notice at the part-time job I've been doing for almost two years. Phew! I've not really been happy there it for months now, but it has been flexible and provided us with just that "little extra" we've needed to make ends meet.

Starting at the end of August I will be babysitting two days/week (Wed & Thur) for a friend of mine's eight month old baby boy. Actually, it ended up starting this week due to her current sitter being sick. So I watched Nicholas on Tuesday and I will watch him again tomorrow afternoon for a half day. I'm very excited about this opportunity! It will give Jillian a chance to be around another baby regularly. Note that I said "baby" here...I want Jilly to learn to interact with a baby younger than her since I'm starting to have those "I want another one" pangs. She did wonderfully on Tuesday. I was VERY proud of her. This opportunity also allows me to stay at home 'for real'. Instead of running from store to store a couple days a week. Even though I will still have plenty of running to do, at least it'll be for "fun". And lastly, I'll be making more money doing this than I was before. So it's truly a WIN for me.

For those following the house saga, it looks like we're going to be where we are for a bit longer. I mean, there's always a chance that something could come through with financing, but in our current situation with John working part-time, and now contracting only, it just doesn't look good from a bank's point of view. And besides that, *sniff* the second house we looked at that we prematurely fell in love with is off the market. I knew a place like that wouldn't last at such a low price. I know that there will be another place we fall in love with and it will be the right home for us, but for now, in our townhouse we will stay.

What that means for me is...fall cleaning. I took advantage of the back to school sales at Target today. They have all of their storage stuff on sale and I took advantage of Jilly's nap to clean out and organize our pantry. I already feel better. I sure do love throwing stuff away! I also organized the cabinet under the sink. Oh yes, MUCH better now! And since I started, I must finish the kitchen. By this time next week, I'd like to have all our kitchen cabinets cleaned out and organized. I can't wait already!

We also took a trip to Sherwin Williams this morning to pick up some paint samples and figure out what color schemes to choose for each room. I want to paint our bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom first. Then I'd like to do the kitchen. And Josh and Jillian's rooms. Of course, while painting is the easiest and cheapest way to give an interior a face lift, it's still not SUPER cheap, so I will tackle one room at a time as our cash flow allows. And as my mom is available to keep Jillian for a day here and there. Because I'm guessing that toddlers and painting don't mix.

I'm totally missing my mom friends since last week I had a vehicle fail and this week I babysat spur-of-the-moment, but hopefully next week will less eventful. Thank goodness for blogs so I can at least keep up with what's going on!

In a nutshell, that's what we've been up to. Just so ya know.

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Julie From Inmates said...

I love ORGANIZATION! =) It feels good to get something done that needs to be done!!! YAY!