Monday, August 3, 2009

Blast From The Past

Over the weekend I was inspired by some friends who made homemade ice cream. Turns out, we have the same ice cream maker. And unbelievably, haven't made ice cream yet! So today was the day. I followed the directions to the letter (as I always do the first time I make something). The instructions said to use...wait for it...a HAND MIXER! Does anyone out there have a hand mixer? One of my quirks is to not throw something away that works, so I do! I swiped it from my mom when I moved out some twelve years ago. And this is an old hand mixer. I remember using it with my mom when I was really young. Who knows how old it truly is. One website I found said that the company Dormeyer went out of business a good 25-30 years ago, another said they went under in the late 1960's. Guess they made their products too good. Just like This End Up furniture. I digress. Out it came today, from it's hiding place beneath other kitchen "stuff" in the WAY back of my kitchen "stuff" drawer, and it still works great! I'd like to take a bloggy moment and introduce you all to this gem. Here's my friend the Dormey hand mixer, Model 7500.

It has made many a cookie in it's long life. Lately I've used my Sunbeam for just about all mixing recipes (which coincidentally, I also swiped from my mom when she upgraded to a KitchenAid). How was the ice cream you ask? The ice cream (I made Vanilla Bean) has a wonderful flavor, but in my eagerness to eat it, probably should have let it freeze longer. The leftovers are in the freezer; we'll see the rest firms up some more. Looks like my trusty hand mixer may get some use this year after all!


lmc said...

I use my hand mixer all the time! I find is so much more convenient than a stand mixer. But then again...I don't have a stand mixer. ;)

Brenna said...

I have both...and each one does a good job at certain things. I'd say I probably use the stand mixer more. cream!

emk said...

I use my hand mixer way more than my Kitchen Aid, although that might be due to the fact the KA has been on a low shelf for many years and is just TOO heavy for me to get out to use. I've recently put in on the counter, though, so hopefully it'll start getting used more.

So...which ice cream maker do you have? We got the Krups one for our wedding and have used it maybe on 1 or 2 occasions in the last 8 years. But between Jen and you talking about homemade ice cream recently, perhaps we need to get it out!