Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blah Blah Thursday

Today was my official last day with my part-time job. I have some mixed feelings about leaving, only because I've built good relationships with folks at two of the stores in which I've been working. The company I worked for, ActionLink, does retail merchandising projects for numerous companies in many retail stores. Two of my weekly visit stores have been magazine projects (putting up magazines and getting rid of the old ones).

I've been doing that at Sams Club in Laurel since I was pregnant with Jillian, and the store was nice enough to let me continue to bring her along on my visits. So basically, I've been working with the same few employees every week for the past two years. And they've known Jilly ever since before she was born! I did, earlier this year, purchase a business membership to Sams and have made a habit of shopping for specific things there every week or so, so I will stop and visit with the employees whom I've befriended.

I haven't been allowed to bring Jilly into Joann with me, so they've only met her a few times, but there are a couple employees there that I will keep in touch with. I think I will enjoy visiting Joann much more again, now that I don't go in to do their mags. I LOVE Joann. I LOVE buying fabric. I LOVE quilting. Which, of course, I've done very little of lately. Not due at all to a lack of fabric. It's more a lack of motivation. A special thanks here to my mom who has been coming down once a week to watch Jilly while I've been off working - thanks mom!!

Tomorrow morning, we set off to pick up Josh and head to the beach for the weekend. We haven't really been to the beach this summer, unless you count the Berwick-upon-Tweed detour we made while in England, dipped our feet in the North Sea, and picked up seashells. But that was kind of unplanned. And not really a swimming beach. And not with the kids.

So it'll be a fun weekend of my beach favorites: Dogfish Head beer, grilling out at the beach house, Grotto Pizza, Funland, and mini-golf! Another shout-out of thanks to my Aunt Betsy who's letting us stay at her beach house - thank you!!

Monday we get to meet with our realtor (my uncle) and see a couple of the houses in Frederick that we're interested in. I'm pretty excited about it; even though the house we REALLY fell for is off the market, these two are both great values and I'm already leaning towards one of them. Anyway. After that we've got our second meeting of Pub'n'Talk, which I'm totally excited about!

Also next week, our My Gym classes start up again after a two week summer break. Phew! There have been several days these past two weeks when I wished we had class! Wednesday I officially start my babysitting gig. We'll see how it goes at my house Wednesday. It looks like Nicholas has an allergy to cats, so as of Thursday, I may be sitting for him at his house. Which may be a nice change of pace for Jillian, too. We shall see. Then Wednesday afternoon we are having our first official board meeting for Enercient at our new office space in Clarksville. It'll be great to get us three owners together, make a few decisions to move forward with, and get on the same page.

Ya got all that? Good. Because I might need you to remind me what I've got going on; I've already double-booked myself twice! Oh how schedule changes mess with me!

I'll try to put up a post with some beach pics at some point over the weekend. I will likely be MIA most of the weekend though. If I do borrow my husband's wireless card, I'll probably be doing some fantasy football research, since, well, our draft is NEXT weekend.

If you haven't already, check out the giveaway I've got going on. Make sure you get your entries in by Monday at 8pm and good luck! Happy weekending all!!!


Anonymous said...

FOOTBALL!!! In other news, I'm already seeing Oktoberfests in beer stores. That's kinda sad, because I'm not ready to give up my summer wheats and Belgian whites yet.

Lisa (of course)

Mommy Needs Therapy said...

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Tara said...

You do have a lot going on so enjoy the beach weekend to the fullest.

Brenna said...

I love JoAnn's too. Hope you have fun at the beach! Have a good time house shopping! (You can't run away to Frederick! Oh no!)