Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Blast from the Past

Let me preface this picture by explaining that Jillian has a bookshelf in her room, not just for books, but for stuffed animals and such. Jillian is a toddler who knows exactly what she wants, though she's still working on the vocabulary to articulate those wants to us. This morning when I got Jillian out of her crib, she pointed furiously to something on the bookshelf. I changed her diaper, took her over to it, and held her up to the top shelves so she could let me know exactly what it was that she wanted. She wanted "kitty". Kitty has a story behind her. Kitty was mine when I was a wee one. I don't remember getting Kitty, I just always had Kitty. Kitty is musical. She has a wind up music box in her; I couldn't tell you what song it plays, but I know the tune by heart. When you wind her up and set her down, her head rotates when she plays. It still does that, too. And if you look hard enough around the wind-up mechanism, you'll even notice some darkness. Yep, that's dried-on mud from a playground when I was little! You can guess that I was of course, thrilled when Jilly took a liking to one of my favorite toys from childhood. She carried it around with her ALL day. *grin* I've been told that around this age the lexicon increases astonishingly. Just from playing with Kitty today, she has her word for it - "keh". Which of course, sounds like "keesh" (keys), "teesh" (tissue), "shesh" (shoes), and others....


Brenna said... favorite stuffed animal as a child was a cat too!

Tara said...

I appreciate that children have no idea of monetary values at this point in their lives. Andrew doesn't care that he wears hand-me-downs or even that some of his toys we cheap...he loves them all the same. Glad Jilly enjoys playing with kitty all these years later!