Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's With Those Shades?

This morning did not go as planned. Our plans for breakfast and church were thwarted by a toddler who has recently learned that she likes putting her hand in her diapers in an attempt to pull them off. While that's not a big deal, it becomes a bit of a disaster when there's poop in said diaper. I probably don't need share further details here; I'll just leave it at that. Know that the baby was promptly cleaned up and thrown in the shower with me for some serious soaping up. Luckily, she was only wearing a diaper, so at least we didn't have poopy clothes to contend with.

We played outside for while later on before it got too terribly hot. Jilly likes her shades, as many of you know. I wish I knew the appeal of putting them on upside down!

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