Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend. It started Friday morning when John went out to his work truck to find that it had a flat tire (this truck's 3rd flat!). Note to all: when you buy a vehicle from Carmax, assume that it has been sitting around forever allowing the tires to dry-rot and buy the one-year warranty. John went to "plan B" and got in his personal truck. To discover that it had a dead battery. He jumped it with the flat-tire work truck and went to work. While on a job, his cell phone fell out of the case and basically shattered. When we finished up and went to come home, yep, you guessed it, truck battery dead again.

We went and picked him up, came home for a bit, and took Jillian to My Gym for parents night out. We went to dinner at Frisco Grille and stopped by Ellicott Mills Brewing Company without the baby!

Saturday ended up being a day of taking the flat tire to Merchants, waiting for Fedex to deliver a new cell phone, me getting some yard work done, us heading to lunch at Fatburger and to the personal truck to see if by some chance my car could jump his big truck battery, learning that no, it couldn't, picking up the new tire for the work truck, John taking the work truck to the personal truck to jump it, bringing home the personal truck, going out to dinner at TGI Fridays, dropping John off at the work truck to bring it home. Confused yet? Exhausted from reading this yet? Needless to say, despite the lovely evening, we stayed home after all that running around.

Today we went Krispy Kreme for breakfast, then to outdoor service at church, and Jillian behaved for almost the whole service. Home for nap, I grabbed pizza from Three Brothers for a late lunch, "fake" Aunt Jen came by to talk about some design things for John's website with him and visit with us while in town for a couple days. We headed out again this afternoon for a surprise 60th birthday party for a friend from church. On the way to the party, we passed the house of a mutual friend/former co-worker and decided to stop by if he was outside on our way home. He was out after the party, and we dropped by. It was a very nice visit; we haven't seen him in what seems like AGES! Jillian played with their dogs, got her hands dirty rubbing them on our dirty vehicles, and smooshed lightning bugs that I caught for her.

Notice we ate out all weekend. Really, with all that we had going on, I think we could justify not wanting to cook on top of it all. And despite all we had happening, I had a productive weekend. I trimmed our hedges, weeded the "gardens", mowed the grass, did laundry, ran dishwasher, mopped the foyer and kitchen, and straightened up the living room. Phew! I think I may be happy that this weekend is over!


Brenna said...

I usually get more things done when I know that I don't have to make dinner or lunch. Yay for productivity!

Emily said...

I'm not the cooker and I still wish I could justify eating out for a whole weekend. But having a cheap husband who LOVES to cook means no meals out.