Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 8

Is it really already THAT time again? Where did the week go? Well, apparently it is and I'm joining in with Jo-Lynne's carnival to share what I learned this week.

**I learned that trying to get a loan to buy a second house in this market on a single income is quite a feat. Perhaps I'll find a money tree in the woods behind our house. That may be a more likely way to get our hands on the cash.

**I learned that even if it's the loan people doing all the hard work to try and get you that loan mentioned above and even if you're not trying to get too excited about the possibility of moving, you will get excited and you will still feel busier than normal.

**I learned that my toddler is by no means the first to spread poop from her diaper on herself. But it still grosses me out.

**I learned that getting a group of about 20 people together from your church at a pub to talk about God, religion, theology, and spirituality, makes for a pretty fun evening.

**I learned that Jillian is capable of staying with a babysitter at that babysitter's house for a few hours and even have fun! Hooray for babysitting!

**I am learning this year that while summer used to be my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE season, it no longer is. Please summer, take your humidity (and related sinus and allergy issues) and leave. Now.

WOW. I sat down this morning thinking that I had SO not prepared for this post today and didn't learn anything this past week. Guess I also learned that I learned more this week than I thought I did!

Now, everyone wants to know about what you learned! Go on over to Musings of a Housewife and link up your "What I Learned This Week" post and check out what others in the blogosphere learned too!


Booklover1212 said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the summer & allergy thing. I've been down for almost three weeks now with the dreaded "summer cold". Sigh! Your night out at the pub sounded so perfect too!

~ Jennifer

Tara said...

The whole loan/mortgage process makes me sick. Good luck to you though and I hope it works out! I was sick last week with the summer stuff and I got over it way faster than usual.

Hairline Fracture said...

I agree--getting together for a good talk about God etc. is awesome!

Good luck with the loan situation. It stinks that good people are having a hard time borrowing money.

Sarah said...

I hear ya on the loan stuff! Very stressful.

Hmm maybe we should move our ladies bible study to the local pub here. Wing Night Wednesday could produce some profound spiritual thoughts :)

JanMary said...

Great list and I know just what you mean about learning more than you think you did! I usually start thinking this will be a short post, and by the end usually have to cut some stuff because it is just TOO LONG!!!

Hi from N Ireland.

Tracey said...

Please let me know when and where you find that money tree! Hope that all works out well for you!