Monday, July 20, 2009

What I Learned This Week, Vol. 7

Jo-Lynne has called for nuggets and nuggets she shall get. Here's what I learned this past week:

Crystal Light Lemonade makes a good mixer for Tanqueray Gin.

Cell phone stores are a complete waste of space. Seriously, when I was trying to get some information from Verizon Wireless about service abroad before our vacation, what did they tell me at the store? "You'll have to call customer service." John's cell phone fell out of the case on Friday and basically shattered. Thinking we could get a replacement phone, we headed to the Sprint store. WRONG. What did they tell him? "You'll have to call customer service." What?!? Aren't the employees at cell phone stores customer service? No? Then why on earth are they there?

Kevin Bacon is 51 years old. Did that freak you out just a little? John and I watched Flatliners over the weekend and looked up how old it was. Somehow that lead to looking at the actors in the movie. And we discovered that yes, Kevin Bacon turned 51 this month. That just seems WRONG.

There's a good chance that if you bought a used vehicle at Carmax and didn't buy the warranty for a year, all of the tires on that vehicle will go flat, clearly from dry-rotting sitting on their lot. Well, at least three out of four. So far.

Disclaimer: If there are any boys reading, you may want to skip this one. Ob/Gyn's must get significant pleasure from removing you from the comfortable waiting room into an exam room. Where you are told to put on those paper "gowns" and wait for the doctor, who will certainly be in at their earliest convenience soon. Sitting up on an uncomfortable exam table trying desperately to rearrange those paper napkins gowns over and over to gain the most possible coverage. For at least a half hour. Why couldn't I have just kept waiting in the "waiting" room?

What did you learn this week? C'mon...I know you learned SOMETHING! Head over to Musings of a Housewife and join in!


Casy Schweickart said...

Totally agree about cell phone stores being a waste of space!! Also it did kinda freak me out about Kevin Bacon...I love Flatliners but my favorite Bacon movie has to be Footloose!!

jen@odbt said...

I made raspberry ice crystal light w/ oj and spiced rum - yum! Those paper gowns are useless. Thank goodness it's only once a year.

emk said...

I always, without fail, forget about the exam room wait and--even more frustratingly--forget to take in a magazine. I must be an eternal optimist. Or just crazy.

Sarah said...

Lol at the Gyn tidbit of knowledge.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Thanks for that little bit about the paper gown waiting game. I sure needed that laugh!